At the Core of Clarity

Blog Post created by flach02 Employee on Jan 14, 2015

I've been in CA Services specializing in CA Clarity for 7 years. Prior that I was a CA Clarity administrator for a health care company. If there is one thing that I have learned about Clarity in the last decade it's this: There are always different ways to do things in Clarity and that's why it's really important to understand the core business needs of your clients / users and to leverage Clarity's vast core functionality to fulfill those needs.

  • Also to focus on smaller repeatable capabilities that will scale as your maturity with Clarity grows rather than trying to be all things to all users and develop overly complicated solutions with steep learning curves that frustrate your users.
  • To fully embrace the change management and user adoption issues associated with CA Clarity PPM implementations.
  • To use Clarity to enhance, guide, and expedite your companies Demand Management, Governance, Change Control, Project Management, Operations, Portfolio Management, Financial Management, and Strategic Objectives.
  • Do not use Clarity as a heavy handed tool to constrain or overly control business process and remember that the only constant in business is change so build solutions with that in mind.
  • Understand the Jargon, buzz words, and core components of Clarity, clearly what matters the most is the business solution but being able to communicate your needs and not get lost in semantics is no small thing.
  • When automating Clarity using processes, make small precise movements instead of long verbose processes that last the lifetime of a project for example. Think in terms of a relay race make sure the baton is never dropped, but pass it often. This way you can make changes to the process and be flexible.
  • Just because you can re-create a form in Clarity doesn't mean that you should. Consider providing an attachment point for a form instead of building the entire form with dozens of attributes.