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HTML Fancy Lookups: Inline List

Blog Post created by Prashank Singh Champion on May 15, 2017

We have already achieved Rendering HTML inside CA PPM via Lookup, if you have not viewed my previous blog on html lookup then i will recommend you to first go through HTML Fancy Lookups: Getting Started


There are few clients where they want to view different sub-object data inside their master object and they want to create new instance or navigate into that instance for updating data from single view. 


For example, A client wants to view Top 5 Status Report with its Top Risk, Issue & Change with Projects Overall Status Indicators with task timeline along with Financial Data with some interactive Jasper reports to run from dashbaord type view. I have created a similar layout for Project as shown below: 


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Screen #1



Now how to achieve inline list inside Master Object sub-pages, lets start with our first inline list.

1) Create a Html file and javascript file, which is going to bring your dynamic id and other parameters from url, and place them in Knowledge Store. From Html you need to call JSP which is placed in CA PPM server inside custom folder. JSP page is going to query from CA PPM Database for dynamic inline table. 

2) Create a Dynamic Lookup with html page link from Knowledge store as Html_dsiplay.
3) Create an attribute in custom Object with this Lookup
4) Set Lookups Default Value
5) Set Lookup to Read Only
6) Set "Populate default where null", in case you have already created instance before this attribute creation.
7) Place this Attribute in Create, Edit, filter layout (Note: it won't work in List).
8) From Fields set this Attribute to Pull-Down instead of Browse.


Please provide your feedback/comment/concerns over html lookup for health discussion.


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