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It's automatic, it's systematic, it's hyyyydrodramatic - or is it autoMAGIC? | Rachel Macik | LinkedIn

My latest Pulse article on LinkedIn talks about details... or lack thereof.

new-year-same-me-rachel-macik.jpgI recently read "Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person" by Shonda Rhimes. I was inspired. The book got me thinking about launching my own year of something. What is hardest for me: to stay on track. I typically move toward the next shiny new thing. I quit doing something because something else looks like it might be more fun, or the first thing is becoming difficult. So this is my year of "Staying the same for a change..." It makes sense - I promise! Check out the full blog on my LinkedIn profile here:


Resolution: Staying the same for a change. | Rachel Macik | LinkedIn

(photo of me as a kid being easily bored haven't changed much!)


My career goal in 2016: to provide new and exciting ways to send timely, proactive customer communications that help ignite a customized, positive customer experience – one user at a time.  


I'd love to hear your new years resolution. What are you doing?

exciting.PNGI’m not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked about my new position . I’ve just joined the Customer Success and Support organization for CA under Stacy_Kouba. My charter and is the same as our entire organization - to make sure customers are successful. It’s actually pretty awesome - and I'd love your feedback along the way. doesntmakesense.PNG


Breaking up with Kathy.Hickey and kiran_diwakar was really hard to do… I love working with the ehealth and spectrum products. Meeting customers at CA World 2014 was one of my favorite parts. As I was working on making sure you guys had the most updated information, search-able, find-able, and easy-to-read… I realized – wow. We don’t have that.



60percent.PNGAs I was considering to move to the Customer Success team, it became an easy choice. I wasn’t actually “leaving” Spectrum and eHealth customers… I would be helping to fix the foundational pieces that make customers happy. What if… you could easily find remedies online? What if you could chat with your support team instead of having to call - for all products? What if you wanted to find out how our support engineers are continuing education, and how we go about hiring them? What if you wanted to meet our executive team that helps make decisions about customer success? What if you wanted the option to buy different support packages? What if you wanted it to be easier to find GA information or documentation in a hurry?


nervous.PNGOver the next year we will be redesigning the support and customer success pages on to help you on-board new members, and find information more quickly. has experts round the clock staffed for scheduled improvements. In January I met the Customer Experience and Customer Success advocates who are dedicated to helping our customers get what they need… I didn’t even know we had this team! Where have I been?! 


As we update these things, we’ll be asking for feedback… is it helpful, what would you do differently, are you noticing a difference… I’m honestly amazed at the hundreds of people who are employed to ensure our customers are having a good experience. As a team, we’re working on making sure you (customers and partners) know what to expect and know when it’s happening. This is an amazing group and I’m proud to be part of it.


First order of business... Did you know we had this page? Its created for all new CA customers... but I bet some of you seasoned users could keep this handy for on-boarding new folks into your group. Welcome to CA Technologies - CA Technologies



Dave-Moser-Scottie-Hightower.jpgDave Moser, Jr and Scottie Hightower have worked together for 19 years. I met both of them at CA World this year along with Michael Harris who joined their team three years ago. Dave is the official “Spectrum guy” for Blue Cross Blue Shield and also runs CA Service Operations Insight. Scottie is responsible for application monitoring, and Michael helps to run CA eHealth.


“We started in Computer Operations and worked our way through that team. Then I was the first member on the Monitoring Team and I brought Scottie on board in late 2009,” said Dave.


I asked Dave, how important is it that you guys work together? …not just you and Scottie, but IM and the App side? “It is very critical because you can’t just build monitoring and leave it. It is constantly changing on Infrastructure as well as the Application Side. If you don’t keep them up to date you create erroneous alarms and then people don’t trust the monitoring,” said Dave.


Their entire team works together to help find internal “champions” that believe in what they’re doing. “It doesn’t just happen on day one – it takes cycles to accurately build monitoring,” says Dave. “Once you get a team some positive visibility then others teams seem to want to participate more. It is a never ending Journey.”


Dave and Scottie both presented at caworld See their presentations here.






davemoserpresentation.JPGThe CA Spectrum team is please to announce Dave Moser from BlueCross BlueShield Tennessee to present his case study of integrating ca nimsoft monitor with ca spectrum. To add this to your caworld2014 agenda, visit the session catalog and search by CA Spectrum under the products. His Session Details are below.


This presentation will be an extension of Dave's chat from last year. If you missed that presentation, I have uploaded it for you here: CA World 2013 Presentation BCBST Dave Moser


CA World '14 Session Catalog

Tuesday, November 11 1:00 PM

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Case Study: Integrating Systems Management from CA Nimsoft Monitor with CA Spectrum as Part of an Enterprise Command Center Strategy


Kiran Diwakar (Director Product Management, CA Technologies)
Sridhar Parimi (VP Software Engineering, CA Technologies)
Dave Moser (Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee)

Content Center:ca Opscenter


Healthcare organizations have unique requirements like all IT organizations, but delivering business services is common across all industries. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) has been building a true Enterprise Command Center using three key CA solutions - CA Spectrum, CA APM and CA Service Operations Insight. More recently, the BCBST team has continued to evolve its IT operations by integrating systems monitoring from CA Nimsoft Monitor with CA Spectrum. This session will include tips on how to integrate these two solutions for optimal network management in your own enterprise. (See related session: Meet The Experts: Q&A for “Case Study: Integrating Systems Management from CA Nimsoft Monitor with CA Spectrum as Part of an Enterprise Command Center Strategy”.)



Attendee Level:




Areas of Interest:


Infrastructure Management




CA Spectrum and CA Nimsoft Monitor




BFI (Banking, Finance, Insurance); Healthcare; Government; Cloud Service Provider; Utilities; Education; Manufacturing; and Telecommunications

If you're on the fence about CA World, run through this presentation. New sessions are still being added, but check out everything we have for you! I can't manage to get the Prezi embedded ... but here's the link! Things to do at CA World' 14 by Rachel Macik on Prezi


Click Here to Take the Survey


youspoke-welistened.jpgGathering customer feedback isn’t a new idea. Retailers have been doing it for years…you can Google just about anything and to get reviews and customer feedback before you ever buy a thing.


What is new—is using customer feedback for enterprise software. Executive roundtables, special interest groups, and communities like the Infrastructure Management Community are the more traditional ways of collecting feedback. But these methods don’t always give every customer a voice, and it’s not always a scientific measurement.


Today, CA Spectrum is one of the first products at CA Technologies to launch a survey to determine the overall quality and satisfaction.  This survey will provide a platform for our end users to provide their opinions on what matters most; where we have room for improvement, which in turn will help the product management team prioritize investments and innovation.


We invite all current customers of CA Spectrum to take the survey and give their honest feedback about the product and the people who support the product. Click Here to Take the Survey


Once we have your feedback, we will share results and plans for implementing your feedback.


Click Here to Take the Survey

hashtag.jpgIf you have a Twitter account, I'd love to know what hashtags you follow. I tweet for the CA Service Assurance products at CA Service Assurance (CAsvcAssur) on Twitter and want to be certain we're speaking the same language. Just because us marketing folk call it one thing, doesn't mean our every day users say the same thing...


For example, if I use the hashtag #CASpectrum you'll never see it if you are watching #Spectrum ...see what I mean?


If you are an active twitter user, or just a tweet watcher (no shame) please comment below with what hashtags you're using, and I'll be sure to use the same so we end up in the same conversations. Also, please leave your handle, and I'll follow you from the @CAsvcAssur Twitter Account.


My personal twitter account is @RachelMacik and is typically content marketing or creative focused... but you're welcome to join me!

Rachel Macik (RachelMacik) on Twitter


If you're not sure what a hashtag is you can always start here


NYCU.gifCA is in the software business, and we have to sell that software... no real shocker, huh? Well, as part of the software business, it's also our job to inform customers - no strings attached. You shouldn't have to fill out endless forms, you shouldn't have to read through promotional copy to get to the "real" information, and it shouldn't be so hard to find the technical information you need to help you do your job. We like our customers, and we want to keep them. So for current customers: this is for you.


Newsletter Sample:

IM News You Can Use - June


Our team has just launched a new infrastructure management newsletter for current customers. It's a great newsletter (I can say that because I write it)! The newsletter is called News You Can Use and you can subscribe here: CA Technologies


All IM products will take turns being featured. (I'm specifically responsible for ca spectrum, ca ehealth and ca ucmonitor - go team!) I promise the newsletter will be short, non-salesy, and informative. We're always looking for feedback and will take suggestions for articles and content.  Preview the first newsletter here: IM News You Can Use - June



For more Infrastructure Management resources, go to <--this is a little salesy

Subscribe <--this is not salesy


Full disclosure: I'm a marketing person, not a technical person. And here I am invading your technical communities. But I come in peace - I promise! My job is to make sure our customers (you) know where to find product material that helps you do your job. It pretty simple - but my job is also to keep a balance between marketing and informing. I've been with CA almost a year now and have recently been tasked with Product Marketing for ca spectrumca ehealth and ca ucmonitor.

I'm an avid web surfer, video watcher, and book reader and often find inspiration that makes we want to blog. Mostly I forget to do it, or run out of time... but this Ted Talk: by Seth Godin, The tribes we lead - really spoke to me.



With the recent launch of the CA Communities, and my newly appointed role, I was wondering how I could insert myself into a community where I wasn't the target audience, and where no one has ever heard of me! This video is a great example of how these communities work and what they are supposed to do.


Seth Godin talks about how companies who push mass marketing campaigns to their customers. "Mass marketing requires average ideas." And instead, he suggests using the concept of "Tribes" - simply meaning connecting people and ideas. The concept works for our product communities. As an employee of the company from which you buy goods - I can honestly say we've got some good tribes and the concept is working.


The people at CA that plan new software, the people make the software, and the people that introduce new software to the market are all watching, listening, and participating in these communities (your tribe) to help build better products for you (our customer). It's pretty cool. I'm excited to be a part of it.


Watch Seth Godin's video: The tribes we lead to learn more about how to be a leader of your own tribe and challenge the status quo.


Join the Tribes here: