Rachel Macik

Creating Tribes Instead of Brochures

Blog Post created by Rachel Macik Employee on Jun 20, 2014

Full disclosure: I'm a marketing person, not a technical person. And here I am invading your technical communities. But I come in peace - I promise! My job is to make sure our customers (you) know where to find product material that helps you do your job. It pretty simple - but my job is also to keep a balance between marketing and informing. I've been with CA almost a year now and have recently been tasked with Product Marketing for ca spectrumca ehealth and ca ucmonitor.

I'm an avid web surfer, video watcher, and book reader and often find inspiration that makes we want to blog. Mostly I forget to do it, or run out of time... but this Ted Talk: by Seth Godin, The tribes we lead - really spoke to me.



With the recent launch of the CA Communities, and my newly appointed role, I was wondering how I could insert myself into a community where I wasn't the target audience, and where no one has ever heard of me! This video is a great example of how these communities work and what they are supposed to do.


Seth Godin talks about how companies who push mass marketing campaigns to their customers. "Mass marketing requires average ideas." And instead, he suggests using the concept of "Tribes" - simply meaning connecting people and ideas. The concept works for our product communities. As an employee of the company from which you buy goods - I can honestly say we've got some good tribes and the concept is working.


The people at CA that plan new software, the people make the software, and the people that introduce new software to the market are all watching, listening, and participating in these communities (your tribe) to help build better products for you (our customer). It's pretty cool. I'm excited to be a part of it.


Watch Seth Godin's video: The tribes we lead to learn more about how to be a leader of your own tribe and challenge the status quo.


Join the Tribes here: