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hashtag.jpgIf you have a Twitter account, I'd love to know what hashtags you follow. I tweet for the CA Service Assurance products at CA Service Assurance (CAsvcAssur) on Twitter and want to be certain we're speaking the same language. Just because us marketing folk call it one thing, doesn't mean our every day users say the same thing...


For example, if I use the hashtag #CASpectrum you'll never see it if you are watching #Spectrum ...see what I mean?


If you are an active twitter user, or just a tweet watcher (no shame) please comment below with what hashtags you're using, and I'll be sure to use the same so we end up in the same conversations. Also, please leave your handle, and I'll follow you from the @CAsvcAssur Twitter Account.


My personal twitter account is @RachelMacik and is typically content marketing or creative focused... but you're welcome to join me!

Rachel Macik (RachelMacik) on Twitter


If you're not sure what a hashtag is you can always start here


NYCU.gifCA is in the software business, and we have to sell that software... no real shocker, huh? Well, as part of the software business, it's also our job to inform customers - no strings attached. You shouldn't have to fill out endless forms, you shouldn't have to read through promotional copy to get to the "real" information, and it shouldn't be so hard to find the technical information you need to help you do your job. We like our customers, and we want to keep them. So for current customers: this is for you.


Newsletter Sample:

IM News You Can Use - June


Our team has just launched a new infrastructure management newsletter for current customers. It's a great newsletter (I can say that because I write it)! The newsletter is called News You Can Use and you can subscribe here: CA Technologies


All IM products will take turns being featured. (I'm specifically responsible for ca spectrum, ca ehealth and ca ucmonitor - go team!) I promise the newsletter will be short, non-salesy, and informative. We're always looking for feedback and will take suggestions for articles and content.  Preview the first newsletter here: IM News You Can Use - June



For more Infrastructure Management resources, go to <--this is a little salesy

Subscribe <--this is not salesy