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Click Here to Take the Survey


youspoke-welistened.jpgGathering customer feedback isn’t a new idea. Retailers have been doing it for years…you can Google just about anything and to get reviews and customer feedback before you ever buy a thing.


What is new—is using customer feedback for enterprise software. Executive roundtables, special interest groups, and communities like the Infrastructure Management Community are the more traditional ways of collecting feedback. But these methods don’t always give every customer a voice, and it’s not always a scientific measurement.


Today, CA Spectrum is one of the first products at CA Technologies to launch a survey to determine the overall quality and satisfaction.  This survey will provide a platform for our end users to provide their opinions on what matters most; where we have room for improvement, which in turn will help the product management team prioritize investments and innovation.


We invite all current customers of CA Spectrum to take the survey and give their honest feedback about the product and the people who support the product. Click Here to Take the Survey


Once we have your feedback, we will share results and plans for implementing your feedback.


Click Here to Take the Survey