Rachel Macik

Dave Moser - the Spectrum Guy for BCBST

Blog Post created by Rachel Macik Employee on Dec 15, 2014

Dave-Moser-Scottie-Hightower.jpgDave Moser, Jr and Scottie Hightower have worked together for 19 years. I met both of them at CA World this year along with Michael Harris who joined their team three years ago. Dave is the official “Spectrum guy” for Blue Cross Blue Shield and also runs CA Service Operations Insight. Scottie is responsible for application monitoring, and Michael helps to run CA eHealth.


“We started in Computer Operations and worked our way through that team. Then I was the first member on the Monitoring Team and I brought Scottie on board in late 2009,” said Dave.


I asked Dave, how important is it that you guys work together? …not just you and Scottie, but IM and the App side? “It is very critical because you can’t just build monitoring and leave it. It is constantly changing on Infrastructure as well as the Application Side. If you don’t keep them up to date you create erroneous alarms and then people don’t trust the monitoring,” said Dave.


Their entire team works together to help find internal “champions” that believe in what they’re doing. “It doesn’t just happen on day one – it takes cycles to accurately build monitoring,” says Dave. “Once you get a team some positive visibility then others teams seem to want to participate more. It is a never ending Journey.”


Dave and Scottie both presented at caworld See their presentations here.