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exciting.PNGI’m not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked about my new position . I’ve just joined the Customer Success and Support organization for CA under Stacy_Kouba. My charter and is the same as our entire organization - to make sure customers are successful. It’s actually pretty awesome - and I'd love your feedback along the way. doesntmakesense.PNG


Breaking up with Kathy.Hickey and kiran_diwakar was really hard to do… I love working with the ehealth and spectrum products. Meeting customers at CA World 2014 was one of my favorite parts. As I was working on making sure you guys had the most updated information, search-able, find-able, and easy-to-read… I realized – wow. We don’t have that.



60percent.PNGAs I was considering to move to the Customer Success team, it became an easy choice. I wasn’t actually “leaving” Spectrum and eHealth customers… I would be helping to fix the foundational pieces that make customers happy. What if… you could easily find remedies online? What if you could chat with your support team instead of having to call - for all products? What if you wanted to find out how our support engineers are continuing education, and how we go about hiring them? What if you wanted to meet our executive team that helps make decisions about customer success? What if you wanted the option to buy different support packages? What if you wanted it to be easier to find GA information or documentation in a hurry?


nervous.PNGOver the next year we will be redesigning the support and customer success pages on to help you on-board new members, and find information more quickly. has experts round the clock staffed for scheduled improvements. In January I met the Customer Experience and Customer Success advocates who are dedicated to helping our customers get what they need… I didn’t even know we had this team! Where have I been?! 


As we update these things, we’ll be asking for feedback… is it helpful, what would you do differently, are you noticing a difference… I’m honestly amazed at the hundreds of people who are employed to ensure our customers are having a good experience. As a team, we’re working on making sure you (customers and partners) know what to expect and know when it’s happening. This is an amazing group and I’m proud to be part of it.


First order of business... Did you know we had this page? Its created for all new CA customers... but I bet some of you seasoned users could keep this handy for on-boarding new folks into your group. Welcome to CA Technologies - CA Technologies