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To create a database ranking

1. Add the objects that you want to appear in your query to the Result Objects pane of the query


2. Click Add ranking on the toolbar at the top of the Query Filters pane.

152 2012-03-16

Ranking data using database rankingThe ranking outline appears in the Query Filters pane.


The Add ranking button is disabled if your database does not support ranking.

3. Select the ranking direction and type (Top, Top%, Bottom, Bottom%).

4. Type the number of records (if you selected Top or Bottom) or percentage of recrods (if you selected

Top% or Bottom%) you want the ranking to return in next box.

You can specify a prompt instead of a constant by clicking on the arrow next to the number and

selecting Prompt. When you select a prompt the user must enter the ranking number when the

query is run.

5. Drag the ranking dimension to the box to the left of the Based on box.

6. Drag the measure on which you want to base the ranking to the Based on box.

7. Drag the dimension that provides the calculation context for the measure to the Ranked by box.

This dimension is optional. To display the Ranked by box, click the arrow to the right of the Based

on measure.

8. Drag any dimensions that you want to include in the WHERE restriction to the area at the bottom

of the ranking.

9. Click Run Query




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