CA SDM Applying CUM 2 - 14.1.02 - RO86281

Blog Post created by TMACUL Champion on Nov 16, 2015

I documented here my own experience applying patch for 14.1.02, please don't use this like unique reference my reality can be different.


The webcast occurred nov/2015 was recorded and published, can be visualized on Replay - Announcing New CA Service Management Capabilities and you can download pre CA Service Management 14.1.02 Release Overview 



The official procedure was documented on CA WIKI Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.02


Install CA Service Management 14.1.02 (Windows) - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation


RO86281_download.jpg01. Download CA Service Desk 14.1 CUMULATIVE - RO86281

02.Extract the file using following command


cazipxp.exe -u RO86281.caz

B_RO86281_unzip_commonpatch.png03. Extract
04. Double-click Setup.exe.
B_RO86281_CUM2_license.png05. Review and accept the license agreement terms.

06. In Database Configuration,

    select Microsoft SQL Server (or Oracle as the database type).


Ensure that you have installed Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database client in the system

next.png07. Click Next.
B_RO86281_CUM2_products_to_be_update.png08. On the product selection page, the patch installer identifies the CA Service Management products installed in the system. Verify and click Next.
B_RO86281_CUM2_patch_information_summary.png09. Review the Patch Information Summary page and click Next.
B_RO86281_CUM2_installation_progress.png10. Review Installation progress. Click Install to install the selected product/products on your local system.
B_RO86281_CUM2_installation_progress_progress.png11. Review the installation task review progress bar. Once it reaches 100%, click Next.
B_RO86281_CUM2_patch_installation_summary_final.png12. Review patch Installation summary screen for the following:
13. Click Finish to exit the installer.

14. Run pdm_configure


Important! Do not select Load Default Data.

17.Navigate to NX_ROOT\data folder.


pdm_load -f santafe_insert.dat


pdm_load -f santafe_update.dat


pdm_load -f tucson_insert.dat


pdm_load -r -f tucson_delete.dat

19. Alert users to clear browser cache. Run the following command:


pdm_webcache -H

pdm_webcache -b

20.  Do you have secondary(s) server(s)?


Repeat Step 14 ( pdm_configure )




Step 19 (pdm_webcache)


on each of secondary server.