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Add Checkbox, Date, Drop-down, Lookup, Readonly and Text Fields to Properties


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Format Properties Data Value

Please note that you will need to clear your web browser cache. Also, would suggest you to review the Notes section at the bottom of this document to fully understand the limitations associated with this customization including the fact that this is a not supported customization

Steps to activate the script file

Download sitemods File :

  1. Copy the sitemods.js file from $NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www/wwwroot/scripts to $NX_ROOT/site/mods/www/wwwroot/scripts
  2. Append the contents of the sitemods.js file included in the download to the end of sitemods.js on your system.
  3. Clear your web browser cache
  4. Open the Request Area, Change Order Category or Issue Category “Property Template Detail” form for any properties that you want to provide a selectable list of values (on the web interface)
  5. In the “Examples” field (“sample” attribute) enter following details to populate the corresponding html data control.
Sr NoControlSample ValueExample
2Lookup/SearchLU objectnameLU cnt
4Text AreaTT
5Readonly FieldRD
6Drop-downDD value1, value2... valuenDD India, China, Australia
  • Once you save this information by clicking “Save”, your control will be active for any new Requests/Incidents/Problems that use the Area
  • Similarly in the customer or employee interface if a property is defined with custom sample argument the control will be visible accordingly.


No SUPPORT for this CUSTOMIZATION: This customization creates a new version of the following two (2) JavaScript functions:
  • function detailWriteProperty() JavaScript function from the detail_form.js file.
  • CategorySink.prototype.showProperties = function() JavaScript code from the cst_cat.js file.
  • If these functions ever be updated in a patch, the changes will not take effect unless someone goes and ports the changes manually. This will be user’s responsibility.
LIMITATIONS – Interface: This functionality is not designed for and does not work on the Java-based USD Client. It is only designed to work in the Web Interface of USD r11.2. Currently this functionality is limited to no of properties. It supports the property list up to 50.LIMITATIONS – Updating Properties settings: Any administrative changes that are made to the Properties after the Request Area has been attached to the Request will not take effect on existing requests unless the Request Area is removed and reattached. The same is true for Incidents, Problems, Change Orders and Issues respectively.


  • Tested and works with Internet Explorer
  • It’s not tested to work on earlier versions than r11.2 of USD.

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