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Data Partitions

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  • Defaults - Sets default values to be set on an empty field of a new record.
  • Delete - Specifies what records can be deleted by the user.
  • Pre-update - Identifies the records that can be updated by the user. Records not satisfying this constraint can only be view as read-only.
  • Update - Updated records must satisfy this constraint in order to be saved.
  • View - Identifies the records that can be viewed.

Example Constraints

Act_LogPre-Updateid = 1Prevents the update of Activities in the Request, Incident, and Problem Activity Log.*
ca_contactPre-Updateid = @root.idOnly permit update of your own Contact Record.
ca_contactPre-Updateid = U'00'Prevent updating of any Contact.
ca_contactViewlast_name NOT LIKE 'KT%'Prevent display of any Groups beginning with the letters 'KT'
Call_ReqCreatecustomer = @root.idAllowing only the creation of tickets where you are the End User
Call_ReqDefaulttype = 'I'Create an Incident
Call_ReqDefaultcategory = 'pcat:400001'Set a default Request/Incident/Problem Area
Call_ReqDefaultgroup = U'807AEA15E8A2CF4ABF9181CBFEA12899'Set a default Group
Call_ReqDeleteid = 1Prevent the deletion of any tickets
Call_ReqPre-Updatecustomer = @root.idAllowing only the updating of tickets where you are the End User
Call_ReqViewcustomer = @root.idAllowing only the viewing of tickets where you are the End User
Change_Act_LogPre-Updateid = 1Prevents the update of Activities in the CO Activity Log.*
Change_RequestCreateid = 1Prevents the creation of a new Change Order
Cr_StatusViewcode IN ('ACK','OP','RE','WIP')Display a set list of Status Options
prob_ctgViewsym like 'Application'Display only the Application Areas
Workflow_TaskDeletetask != 'APP'Prevents the deletion of the Approval task.
Workflow_TaskDeletestatus = 'WAIT' OR status = 'PEND'Prevents the deletion of completed tasks.
Workflow_TaskViewstatus != 'SKIP'Prevents view of the SKIP status.
ca_contactView(last_name NOT LIKE 'Group_Name')when we insert the above to access type; that access type wont be able to see the above group name
Call_ReqVieworganization is nullAllowing only the viewing of tickets where the organization is null
Call_ReqCreatecustomer.last_name NOT LIKE '%   %'Allowing ticket creation for contacts that don't have a certain string of characters in their last name

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