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Archive and Purge

OptionBrief DescriptionExample
busy_agent_thresholdpercentage of the busy agents is lower than 70 percent of the total agents in the system. The Option Value field sets the NX_BUSY_AGENT_THRESHOLD variable, which is located in the NX.env file.

Asset Information Service

OptionBrief DescriptionExample
allow_exceedInstalling this option allows the number of parents an Asset/CI has to exceed the value of the Inventory Count field.
allow_unrestricted_asset_updInstalling this option allows Service Desk users to fully modify Assets/CIs owned by Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management. If not installed only a limited number can be modified.

Audit Log

OptionBrief DescriptionExample
audit_insIf installed, data inserts will be added to the audit logging.
audit_updIf installed, field updates will be added to the audit logging.

CA Workflow

OptionBrief DescriptionExample
cawf_passwordIdentifies the password to accompany the cawf_username option.
cawf_pm_locationSpecifies the URL of the Process Manager application installed directory for advanced CA Workflow.The URL should take the following format:http://workflow - hostname:8081/pm
cawf_pm_urlThis option specifies the Process Manager Web Service URL for Advanced CA Workflow.The URL should use the following format:http://workflow - hostname:8081/ pm/services/pmService
cawf_usernameIdentifies the user for the CA Workflow IDE.
cawf_wl_locationCA Workflow Worklist application location. Specifies the URL of the Worklist Manager application installed directory for advanced CA Workflow.The URL should take the following format:http://workflow - hostname:8081/w1
cawf_wl_urlSpecifies the Worklist Web Service URL for Advanced CA Workflow.The URL should have the following format:http://workflow - hostname:8081/ w1/services/w1Service

Change Order Mgr

OptionBrief DescriptionExample
asset_only_one_chgRestricts an Asset/CI from being attached to multiple active Change Orders at the same time.
Category_DefaultsWhen installed will set the Change Order Assignee, Group, and Organization fields to the default values identified in the Category. The defaults are only set if the user has not already set these fields. If using Default Group and Default Assignee, the Assignee must be a member of the Group.
chg_actlogWhen installed, the Change Order is saved when an Activity (Log Comment, Transfer, Escalate, etc.) is performed. This updates the last modified timestamp on the ticket.
chg_allow_sla_downgradeRequires chg_sla be installed. This options allows for the automatic downgrade of a Change Order's Service Type. If the Change Order's attributes change that warrants a Service Type change, this option permits a Service Type of lesser Rank to become the active Service Type. This option is used in conjunction with classic SLA processing.
chg_auto_eventsRequires chg_auto_events_count and chg_auto_events_name. Activates the Auto Event functionality for Change Orders.
chg_auto_events_countRequires chg_auto_events and chg_auto_events_name. This option specifies the number of Auto Events to be attached. Auto Events are identified by combining the the naming convention with a number. For example: Auto Event 1, Auto Event 2, Auto Event 3, etc. If the chg_auto_events_count is 3, then the first three Auto Events will be attached.
chg_auto_events_nameRequires chg_auto_events and chg_auto_events_count. This option specifies the naming convention of the Auto Events. Auto Events are identified by combining the the naming convention with a number. For example: Auto Event 1, Auto Event 2, Auto Event 3, etc.Auto Event
chg_list_volatThis option is used to determine whether the Change Order List is DYNAMIC or STATIC. For a DYNAMIC list, updates occurr after any creation or deletion. For STATIC lists, the list remains constant until regenerated.
chg_slaRequires classic_sla_processing be installed. When installed, the Service Type with the smallest ranking among Requester, Affected Contact, and Category is applied.
delete_null_propertiesIf installed, when a Category change occurs on an existing Change Order, any Properties associated with the original Category with empty values are removed.
keep_tasksIf installed, when a Category change occurs on an existing Change Order, all existing Properties and Workflow Tasks are preserved and new Properties and Tasks are appended. If not installed, all Properties are removed and all Tasks in a WAIT Status are removed.
require_change_assigneeRequires an Assignee in order to save a Change Order.
require_change_groupRequires a Group in order to save a Change Order.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
edit_completed_tasksWhen installed, the Allow Task Update and Task Completed checkboxes on the Change Order and Issue Task Status detail are permitted to be set. If both checkboxes are set, the Workflow Task Description can be updated.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample

Issue Mgr

OptionBrief DescriptionExample


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
ldap_dnRequired. When installed identifies the account to use to log in to the LDAP server.CN=servicedeskadmin,DC=mydomain,DC=net
ldap_enableIf installed the LDAP integration is active, assuming the other options have been properly configured.
ldap_enable_autoIf installed a new contact record will be created using LDAP data as the source if a user accessing Service Desk does not have an existing contact record. In other words, if I try to access Service Desk for the first time and the system is unable to associate me with an existing record, then a record will automatically be created for me using LDAP so that I can complete my login.
ldap_enable_groupsIf installed a new field is added to the Access Type Details that allows for mapping each Access Type to a single LDAP Group (aka Domain Group). When a new contact record is being created utilizing the LDAP integration the contact's Access Type can be automatically set if they are a member of any of the mapped LDAP groups. This only works on contact creation.
ldap_group_object_classIf installed identified how groups are identified in your LDAP source. The default is group.
ldap_hostRequired. When installed identifies the hostname or IP address of the LDAP server.
ldap_portLDAP server port number.389 for AD, use 3268 if you have AD Global Catalog
ldap_pwdRequired. When installed, accompanies the ldap_dn by providing the password for the LDAP Server login account.
ldap_search_baseRequired. When installed identifies the starting point in the LDAP schema tree to begin searches.DC=mycomany,DC=net
ldap_service_typeIf installed identifies the type of LDAP directory being used. For Windows, the default is Active Directory and for UNIX the default is Non-AD.
ldap_sync_on_nullIf installed will copy Null LDAP values with matching contact attributes.
ldap_user_object_classIf installed identifies how users are identified in your LDAP source. The default is person.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
add_know_listInstalling this option adds the In-The-Know Notify List to all future notifications.
log_all_notifyThis option logs all notifications regardless of the notification method used and makes them accessible via the Notification History list.
web_cgi_urlUse this option to identify the path to the web interface. This option is used in notifications to provide a URL to access the object being notified about.http://myserver/CAisd/pdmweb.exe

Request Mgr

OptionBrief DescriptionExample


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
canchkWhen installed, authorized users can cancel a record lock held by another user.
edit_inactiveThe option prevents inactive tickets from being edited without having first been made active. The default is to allow inactive tickets to be edited.
init_list_searchWhen installed, an initial search is performed when a ticket search form is initially displayed. The initial search will present the logged in user's tickets.
notify_delayJAVA CLIENT ONLY! This option sets a delay (in seconds) from the time a update occurs to when the notification is triggered.60
set_sla_evt_open_dateWhen installed, the open timestamp of the ticket is used as start time for attached events. If not installed, the save timestamp is used as the start time. In other words, the event clocks start ticking from the time the ticket was created or from the time the event was attached.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
change_ok_to_saveJAVA CLIENT ONLY! If installed, the Ok button on the Request, Issue, and Change Order detail forms is changed to Save.
classic_sla_processingThis options reverts to the pre-r11 version of SLA processing whereby only one Service Type may be applied to a ticket and the decided factor is the Rank value of each Service Type. R11 functionality allows for all applicable Service Types to be applied to a ticket at the same time. The cr_sla, chg_sla, and iss_sla options are only active if this option is installed.
filter_template_searchIf installed, the initial template search will only display the templates from the End User's Organization.
force_rootcauseIf installed, this option pushes the parent's root cause to the children. The EMPTY value pushes the root cause to children that do not already have a root cause. The ALL value pushes the parent root cause to all children regardless if they have a root cause identified or not.EMPTY -or- ALL
lex_langIdentifies the language used for spell checking. English (US) is the default.English (US)
no_hier_listJAVA CLIENT ONLY! This options allows for using the standard selection forms instead of the hierarchical forms for Request/Incident/Problem Areas, Change/Issue Categories, and Root Cause. This option can improve system performance if the lists are very large.
require_rootcauseThis option makes rootcause a required field. The Both value requires a rootcause before a ticket is resolved or closed. The Close value requires a rootcause before close. This option applies to ALL ticket typesBoth -or- Close
sla_workshift_overrideInstalling this option allows the Workshift of the Service Type Event to trump the Workshift of the Service Type. If not installed, the Service Type's Workshift is applied to all the Service Type Events.
supportbridge_divisionAdded with SupportBridge integration. When installed identifies the DivisionID used for the Service Desk integration.1
supportbridge_urlAdded with SupportBridge integration. http[s]://<servername>[:<serverport>]/<appname>


Note: The servername entered here must be identical to and properties in SupportBridge. If using an IP address instead of a servername, then ensure that all three items reference the IP address instead of the servername.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
force_unique_useridInstalling this option prevents the entering of duplicate System Logins.
guest_user_nameThis options identifies which contact record to associate with the Guest Login. The default is Anonymous.
ignore_security_caseInstalling this option ignores the case of the userid.


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
ttv_enabledRequired for TTV functionality. Must de-install the class_sla_processing option if using this option. The TTV process will project when an SLA violation is likely to occur based on the current conditions.
ttv_evaluation_delayThis option determines how long (in seconds) after an update will the TTV evaluation run. 60 seconds is the minimum acceptable value.
ttv_highlightIf this option is installed, all tickets will be highlight a pale yellow if their TTV value is less than the TTV_THRESHOLD Timespan. The default for the TTV_THRESHOLD is anything that is set to violate today. Must de-install the class_sla_processing option if using this option. This option may increase database load.

Ver Ctl

OptionBrief DescriptionExample


OptionBrief DescriptionExample
charsetThis option will not need to changed after the initial configuration, nor can it be uninstalled. This option is used to identify the HTTP character set sent by the Service Desk web servers to web browsers.
pdmweb_cache_disableInstalling this option disables the cache PDMWEB servlet will not cache files from bopcfg/www, which means all the files will be retrieved from the directory each time one is needed. Installing this option will reduce system performance.
pdmweb_cache_sitemodsInstalling this option disables the cache PDMWEB servlet will not cache files from site/mods, which means all the files will be retrieved from the directory each time one is needed. Installing this option will reduce system performance.
prompt_for_knowledgeWhen installed, users of the Customer and Employee Interfaces will be prompted to search knowledge when attempting to create a new ticket. The user has the ability to cancel the search and go directly to the ticket creation screen if desired.
suppress_web_hier_searchThis option allows for replacing the hierarchy display of Request/Incident/Problem Area, Change/Issue Category, and Root Cause with a standard search field. Specify the object names for which the hierarchy will be replaced being sure to separate multiple objects with a space. This option is for the Web Client only.
  • chgcat - Change Order Category
  • isscat - Issue Category
  • pcat - Request Area for non-ITIL installations
  • pcat_cr - Request Area for ITIL installations
  • pcat_in - Incident Area
  • pcat_pr - Problem Area
  • rc - Root Cause
chgcat pcat_in rc
web_auto_updateWhen installed, the Scoreboard counts for the Analyst Interface (Web) are updated automatically. This option impacts system performance by increasing the number of server requests. This option does not affect web session timeouts. The value is in seconds with the minimum being 60 and the standard being 300.300
web_wildcard_searchInstalling this option will automatically append the wildcard "%" to all text field search filters.
wsp_domsrvrRequires wsp_webengine be installed. This options identifies the object engine dedicated to the Web Screen Painter.domsrvr:wsp
wsp_webengineRequires wsp_domsrvr be installed. This options identifies the slump name of the webengine used by Web Screen Painter users.

Web Service

OptionBrief DescriptionExample

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