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Pdm d refresh


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This utility is used to selectively start, stop and restart sets of daemons while the daemon manager is running. It does not start or stop the daemon manager.


pdm_d_refresh [-h] [-s] [-r] [-c] [-x] set_name

If -r or -h are not specified then all stopped daemons in the current set will be started.

If only a set_name is specified then only the stopped daemons in this set are started.

-sStart daemon setset_name optional
-rShuts down daemons and daemons dependentsset_name optional
-cChange to set_name on these daemons. And restarts
-xStops daemons and daemons dependent on these daemons. If set_name is not given all daemons will be stoppedset_name optional


  • Start all stopped daemons

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