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R12 Go button Search Customization


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To modify the GO button in CA Service Desk R12_1 with option to search for any ticket number without having to know if it is an incident, problem or request.

1. Create \\site\mods\majic\zrip.mod file and add the following code

            OBJECT cr { FACTORY [factory name e.g zrip] { DOMSET template_list "template_name" "" DYNAMIC ; DOMSET zrip_list  "open_date desc, ref_num desc" "" $NX_CR_LIST_VOLAT; STANDARD_LISTS { SORT_BY "open_date DESC, id DESC, status, priority DESC, ref_num" ; MLIST OFF ; RLIST OFF ; }; REL_ATTR persistent_id ; COMMON_NAME ref_num ; FUNCTION_GROUP "call_mgr" ; } ; }; 

NOTE: the factory name will be what you want your table name to be. Example: the name of my table is zrip and the list is zrip_list. The table only exists in the Object Engine like tables ‘in’ and ‘pr’.

2. Restart Service Desk and the new table will appear in the Schema Designer.

3. Using Web Screen Painter (WSP) open ‘detail_web_form.htmpl’ and add the following line to ‘function get_go_sel_arr()’:

            sel_arr[idx++] = new go_element(“zrip”, “Any I/R/P Ticket”); 

4. Create a detail file for the newly created table e.g. detail_zrip.htmpl

5. Log into SD and select ‘Administration’ tab.

6. Click ‘Security and Role Management’ in the left pane

7. Click ‘Role Management’

8. Click ‘Web Forms’

9. Click ‘Create New’ button in right pane to open ‘Create New Web Form’ window

10. Fill out new form (see Fig. 1) and click ‘Save’ button.

       Image description 

11. Click on ‘Role List’ in left pane

12. Select the role that you want the go button menu to display the new menu option e.g. ‘Administrator’. This opens the ‘Administrator Role Detail’ form.

13. Click on ‘Go Resources’ tab.

14. Click on ‘Update Go Resources’ button. The ‘Web Form Search’ form is displayed

15. Click the ‘Search’ button to display the ‘Go Resource Assigned Update’ window.

16. Select the new menu option and click the ‘>>’ button (see Fig. 2).

         Image description 

17. Click ‘OK’ button. The new menu item is listed in the ‘Go Resource List’ of the ‘Go Resources’ Tab of the role. See Fig. 3.

         Image description 

18. Click the ‘Any I/R/P Ticket’ radio button and then click ‘Set Default’ button if you want it to be the default menu selection displayed in the go button.

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