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Search Requests, Incidents, and Problems Simultaneously for Ticket Number


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This article provides instructions for implementing a customization that will allow searching for an Incident, Request, and Problem ticket number simultaneously via the Go Button Search.

Notice: This customization does NOT work for r12.


Step 1. Create the new factory

This step is to create the factory that will allow for searching through all three ticket types.

Create a .mod file and placing it in the $NX_ROOT/site/mods/majic directory. Name the .mod anything you like, but it is recommended that it be preceded with a 'z'.

BJECT cr {

  FACTORY zallcrs {


  SORT_BY "open_date DESC, id DESC, status, priority DESC, ref_num";




  FUNCTION_GROUP "call_mgr";

  REL_ATTR persistent_id;

  COMMON_NAME ref_num;



Step 2. Publish the Schema changes

Recycle the Service Desk service.

Step 3. Modify gobtn.html

For r11.x releases it is recommended that you edit your pages via the Web Screen Painter. For older releases you must edit the files directly. The default gobtn.html, located in$NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\wwwroot\html, must be copied and placed in the $NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\wwwroot\html directory. Remember to edit the copy, never the original.


Search for the if (cfgAccessReqMgr) statement in gobtn.html and add the following:

html += "<OPTION VALUE='zallcrs.ref_num'>Reqs/Incs/Probs</OPTION>";

Step 4. Create a Detail and List page

The system expects both a detail and a list file for each factory. To fulfill this requirement we will create a new detail_zallcrs.htmpl and list_zallcrs.htmpl file. To simplify administration of these files, as well as the implementation of this customization, we will put only a single line of code in both files.

Entire content of detail_zallcrs.htmpl:
<PDM_INCLUDE FILE=detail_cr.htmpl>
Entire content of list_zallcrs.htmpl:
<PDM_INCLUDE FILE=list_cr.htmpl>

The PDM_INCLUDE is a redirect function. In both cases we are redirecting to the default Request pages.

Ensure the new files reside in the $NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\htmpl\web\analyst directory.

Step 5. Clear the web cache

The final step is to clear Service Desk's cache. The methods vary depending on release.

For r11.x releases publish your changes via the Web Screen Painter. The process of publishing automatically initiates a pdm_webcache.

For older releases execute pdm_webcache from a command prompt on the Primary Server. There is no need to run this command on the Secondary Servers.

Additional Considerations

You may find that you no longer have a need for the individual Incident, Problem and Request items in the drop-down.

You can remove these one of two ways 

A: At the role level detail you can add/remove go resources. Find the appropriate role detail page from the admin tab --> security and role management --> role management --> role list --> role. On the Go Resource tab remove the individual R/I/P items.

B: To remove them, simply comment out the entries as shown below from gobtn.html:

// if ( propIsITIL ) {

// html += "<OPTION VALUE='in.ref_num'>Incident</OPTION>";

// html += "<OPTION VALUE='pr.ref_num'>Problem</OPTION>";

// }

// html += "<OPTION VALUE='cr.ref_num'>Request</OPTION>";

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