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How can I change the CI Family that a CI Class belongs to?

Get an extract of the ca_resource_family table and obtain the id of the family. Then get an extract of the ca_resource_class table and change the value of the family_id field.  When you have made your changes to the ca_resource_class extract, load it back into the database.

How can I determine which Priorities display in the Employee and Customer Interfaces?

In the web.cfg located in $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www search for CstPrio & EmpPrio. By default, each displays none 3 4 5. Make your changes keeping in mind that number values refer to the enum, not the symbol. Once your changes are complete, recycle services. If using redirect, the web.cfg is replaced with files with a naming schema similar to web1_4_webdir1.cfg.

How can I obtain patch installation history?

Look in $NX_ROOT for a <<server>>.HIS file. This file contains the complete patch history for that server. Both installs and removals as well as the total file distribution are included in this file. Another method is to reference the $NX_ROOT\REPLACED directory which will have a directory for every patch installed containing all the files that were replaced.

How can I reduce the amount of time it takes to display Notification History?

Use the Archive and Purge functionality and create a rule on the notify log header object. When creating your rule, determine how much notification history should be maintained and whether archiving is necessary. Usually Notification History only has value in the short term.

How do I associate a Knowledge Article to a Ticket?

  1. Using the Knowledge Tab,  perform a knowledge search.
  2. Select an article from the search return.
  3. Respond Yes to "Did this solution solve your incident?" question.
The results will appear in the Solutions tab.

How do I change the default Status for a newly created Change Order?

Create a .mod file file and place it $NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic with a syntax similar to the following: MODIFY chg status { ON_NEW DEFAULT OP ; } ;
  • %,Jack will search for the first name Jack.
  • %,%,Jack will search for the middle name Jack.

What is my r11 Genlevel?

genlevel 0606 is the original english version.
genlevel 0711 are the localized versions. (french, german, ...)

  What ticket types can utilize CA Workflow?

Change Orders and Issues are currently the only types of tickets to incorporate workflow functionality, thus giving the option to use CA Workflow in place of the classic workflow. 

Where are the LDAP > Service Desk field mappings maintained?

  1. Reference the ldap.maj located in $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\majic.
  2. Create a .mod file with the necessary attribute changes and place it in $NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic.
  3. Recycle services.

Why am I unable to view pdf files?

By default, viewing of pdf files is not permitted, even though uploading is not restricted. To allow for the viewing of of pdf files, see the Unable to View pdf Attachments wiki article.

Why are events still firing even though the Status is set to Hold?

Each Status can be configured to Stop Service Type Events. If setting to ticket to a Status that has this setting selected, then all Events attached to a ticket via a Service Type will be suspended. The clocks will resume once the ticket has been returned to a Status that is not configured to Stop Service Type Events. Events that are attached to a ticket by other means, such as spell code, auto-event functionality, or Attach Event Macro, do not get suspended and the clocks will continue to tick until the ticket goes inactive.

Why are Manual Notifications being sent to Analysts but not Employees?

In the details of the Manual Notify Activity Notification, ensure the Internal box is unchecked. Checking this box prevents Access Types that do not permit the viewing of Internal Logs to also not be permitted to receive Manual Notifications.

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