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Rode o comando pdm_webstat



pdm_webstat -?

pdm_webstat: Report web statistics.



Usage: pdm_webstat [-r] [-d|-D] [-n] [-w] [-t timeout] [-i interval] [-p webengi



  -p = Process name of webengine to report. Default is all webengines.

  -d = Detail output (Displays sessions)

  -D = More Detail output (Displays sessions w/Stats)

  -r = Raw mode. No titles or new lines.

  -n = No Log. By default the summary is logged for each webengine.

  -w = Report willingness values saved in webdirector.

  -t = Time out in seconds. Default: 30 seconds.

  -i = Interval in seconds for running continuously

  -h = This help.





Note: Raw mode displays data in exactly the same order as non-raw mode.

      All titles and new lines are removed, and date is prepended to each line.

      Output can then be used in spread sheets or other reports.

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