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How to insert dynamic links based on the values selected at prompt level



01. Abra o Web Intelligence Rich Text Client
02. Login
03. Abra um relatório ou crie um novo
                                                                              04.A. Clique com o botão direito na coluna desejada e clique em linking e add Hyperlink, se preferir clique Ctrl+K
Outra maneira de executar a tarefa

04.B. Crie uma variável e informe a URL desejada

<a href='http://" + [MyURL]  + "' target='_blank>'" + [ref_num] + "</a>


Create the variable Handling the value selected for creating the URL

05. Coloque a variável no relatório


Insert the variable in the document


06. Formate a coluna como hyperlink


Format the cell to read as hyperlink



="<a href=" + [varURL] + " title=\""+("Abra o chamado " + [ref_num] + " no CA SDM")+"\" target=\"_blank\" nav=\"web\">"+[ref_num]+"</a>"


="" + [ref_num]

=FormatNumber(Floor([spend_time]/3600) ;"00") + ":" + FormatNumber(Floor(Mod([spend_time] ;3600)/60) ;"00") + ":" + FormatNumber(Mod(Mod([spend_time] ;3600) ;60) ;"00") 

CABI4::. How to show column using an Icon/Arrows/image in webi as per conditions


Com condições podemos formatar colunas de diversas formas usando ícones, letras, frases, imagens.


Green KingGreenYellow


CHAR(9660 ) - Seta para baixo

CHAR(9650 ) - Seta para cima

CHAR(9679 ) - Córculo


01. Abra o Web Intelligence Rich Client
02. Abra ou crie um relatório
03. Insira uma nova coluna
01_BOXI_Conditional_Rule.png04. Clique em  New Rule
02_BOXI_Conditional_Rule.png05. Selecione o objeto e insira a condição necessária.
03_BOXI_Conditional_Rule.png06. Clique em Format
04_BOXI_Conditional_Rule.png07. Selecione a imagem na TAB Background e selecione "image from file"
05_BOXI_Conditional_Rule.png08. Veja como fica o resultado




Service Desk Manager 15 days Implementation


How to do top 10 - BO/BOXI/CA BI

CABI4::. CA Bussiness Intelligence: Building a Subquery report

CABI4::. Launch Pad Defining user home

OLE DB connection error New universe connection - Information Design Tool

CABI4::. How to restart CA boxi service

CABI4::. Building a new universe

Como incluir um novo link aos Relatórios no SDM?

Como incluir um novo link aos Relatórios no SDM?


Summary CA SDM Scoreboard

Posted by TMACUL Champion Jun 16, 2016



30/05/2016 12:33 PM



A recent global survey by CA Technologies found that Indian companies are aggressively adopting DevOps to keep pace with rising customer demand.

According to the global online survey of 1,442 senior IT and business executives, 78 percent of Indian IT leaders have adopted some aspect DevOps this year, representing an increase from the last year.  This is second to China (83 percent) in Asia Pacific & Japan region.

“Businesses have realized DevOps enables them in keeping pace with escalating customer demands, creating new and innovative customer experiences and rapid response to requests from business,” CA Technologies said in a press statement.

In APJ region, India ranked first in the market with 24 percent adoption of Advanced DevOps. The study further revealed that 70 percent of the respondents who have implemented DevOps in India have a well-defined DevOps strategy and objectives.

Moreover, 53 percent respondents who have already implemented DevOps consider security and compliance measures important.

Sunil Manglore, Managing Director, CA Technologies India said Businesses in India are moving away from traditional fixed production cycle to continuous innovations and lean delivery.  This is equipping them to become more agile and adopt to market conditions rolling out products faster in the application economy.

“To maximize DevOps potential, organizations need to firm up IT skill sets with critical enablers to drive collaboration and continuous innovation.”