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Um pequeno exemplo

ServiceReference1.USD_WebServiceSoapClient ws = new ServiceReference1.USD_WebServiceSoapClient();
string user = "<user>"
string password = "<password>"
sid = 0;
sid = ws.login(user, password);
objecthandle = "cr:" + id; //"cr:400001"
ws.updateObject(sid, objecthandle, attrVals, attributes);



Veja mais em:

CA SDM Trabalhando com WebService 


Outros conteúdos utilizando updateObject 

table: bpwshft


object: wrkshft



bop_sinfo -dq wrkshft


Factory wrkshft < Bop_Workshift >
producer_id LOCAL STRING(20)
persistent_id persid STRING(30)
delete_flag del SREL -> actbool.enum REQUIRED
description STRING(255)
sched STRING(1000)
last_mod_dt DATE
pcat_svc BREL <- lrel_svc_schedules_pcat_svc.wrkshft (LREL pcat)
{wrkshft = ?}
chgcat_svc BREL <- lrel_svc_schedules_chgcat_svc.wrkshft (LREL chgc
at) {wrkshft = ?}
isscat_svc BREL <- lrel_svc_schedules_isscat_svc.wrkshft (LREL issc
at) {wrkshft = ?}

Por padrão o CA SDM obtém:


Fora do horário comercial
24 horas


Turno de trablaho registrado na tabela usp_contact

c_schedule: Analysts workshift for auto-assignment. Foreign key to the persistent_id field of the bpwshft table.






>bop_sinfo -dq cnt |find "wrkshft"

notify_ws1 c_ws_id1 SREL -> wrkshft.persistent_id
notify_ws2 c_ws_id2 SREL -> wrkshft.persistent_id
notify_ws3 c_ws_id3 SREL -> wrkshft.persistent_id
notify_ws4 c_ws_id4 SREL -> wrkshft.persistent_id
schedule c_schedule SREL -> wrkshft.persistent_id


Caso deseje executar uma consulta na base de dados:

select * from bpwshft

OU uma consulta analisando quais usuários contém quais turnos de trabalho


select cnt.userid, bpwshft.sym
from ca_contact as cnt
inner join usp_contact as usp on cnt.contact_uuid = usp.contact_uuid
left join bpwshft on bpwshft.persid = usp.c_schedule
where cnt.contact_type <> 2308 and cnt.inactive =0
and usp.c_schedule is not null

Exemplo de atualização


update usp_contact
set c_schedule = 'wrkshft:4600'
where c_schedule is null
and contact_uuid in (select contact_uuid from ca_contact as cnt where cnt.contact_type <> 2308)


Referências cruzadas de tabelas e objetos - CA Service Management - 14.1 - Portuguese - Brazil - CA Technologies Documen… 


Report names CA Technologies as a leader in identity management | Intelligent CIO Africa 

by Mark Bowen   11 JANUARY, 2018

Report names CA Technologies as a leader in identity management


CA Technologies has been recognised as a market leader in KuppingerCole’s 2017 Leadership Compass Report for identity provisioning.

KuppingerCole evaluated CA Identity Suite and compared it with other available solutions. In an overview of all products included in the report, CA received a ‘strong positive’ rating in four out of the five evaluation areas, namely security, functionality, interoperability and usability.

KuppingerCole is an independent analyst with a focus on information security and its leadership reports provide analysis of the main vendors in the market, defining each as a follower, challenger or leader.

“With its comprehensive portfolio, integrated approach and global presence, CA Technologies is among the market leaders when it comes to the identity and access management segment,” says Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst at KuppingerCole.

“The company’s innovative, enterprise-class solutions are proven to deliver security at scale and ensure that all users have the correct access without sacrificing usability or security.”

CA Identity Suite, which is comprised of CA Identity Manager and CA Identity Governance, is an integrated solution that combines robust functionality with an intuitive interface.

Sagan Pillay, CA Southern Africa security solution strategist, said: “CA Identity Suite is our flagship identity management and governance product and we are proud to be recognised by KuppingerCole as a leader in this market.”