Vinay Kumar Reddy Karri

How to Enable trace on ActiveX component of CA PIM

Blog Post created by Vinay Kumar Reddy Karri Employee on Oct 7, 2015

Note: The trace has to be enabled on the Server/Client machine from which one is accessing the PIM webconsole

CA PIM's ActiveX component allows users perform auto-login to the endpoint using the privileged accounts. There will be situations where the auto login will be failing  and we do not have any clue to find the cause for this kind of erratic behavior.


So ,enabling trace on the activeX component will shed some light why the auto-login is failing and there by enabling one to troubleshoot in that direction. 


Here are the steps to enable trace on ActiveX:


  • Set the following registry value in  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComputerAssociates\AccessControl\ACScriptEngine

          Name : TraceEnabled

          Type: REG_DWORD

          Value: 1


The trace log will be generated in the DebugView console as soon as you perform a autologin.



Thank You for Reading and Happy Troubleshooting !!!