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When creating an environment in 12.6.8, an error is produced after Corporate User Store and Provisioning store are created successfully. This is the error Identity Manager states:


"Error: The screen definition "JasperReportTypeSelectionScreen" referenced on the screen "Endpoint Accounts Report Search Screen" is not defined"



If previously applied a hotfix to environment and an upgrade was preformed to 12.6.7 or 12.6.8, be sure to use the original jar files on install and request a new hotfix to be made if problem still exists. Do not change the jars. Before 12.6.7, Jaspersoft was not integrated with the product and will not be in the Identity Manager library. This will cause it to generate errors of something it was not expecting.

In the CA Provisioning Manager, the default log location is in: ...\CA\Identity Manager\Provisioning Server\logs. To change the location of your logs you would need to navigate to this location: System->Domain Configuratio->Transaction Log


This can be seen as pictured below:



The value: "etatrans" can be changed to adjust where the logs will be stored. By default, this makes the log file named C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\Provisioning Server\Logs\etatransYYYYMMDD-HHMM.log. If I change value of "etatrans" to D:\ProvisioningData\Logs\etatrans This would place the logs in the D: drive at this location: D:\ProvisioningData\Logs\etatransYYYYMMDD-HHMM.log


The im_ps.log and im_cs.log locations are defined in the im_ps.conf file and im_cs.conf file located in the Provisioning Server\data folder. The satrans log and sa log locations are also configured in the im_ccs.conf. The jcs daily log would be controlled by the org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg