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This guide is to help set JBoss as a service when an upgrade is performed from Jboss 5.1 to JBoss 6.


Files to take note of:


eurifky.bat (Located in jboss\bin)

standalone.xml (Located in <JBoss install>\standalone\configuration\)



-  Edit the service.bat file changing "call eurekify.bat " to "call ca-gm-run.bat".

- Inside the JBoss installation navigate to standalone\configuration\ then edit standalone.xml

- Locate the line "<virtual-server name="default-host" enable-welcome-root="true">" and set the value to false


From the root JBoss folder, open an admin command line window and type service install.

- Open services.msc then navigate to the JBoss application service.

- Open properties then change start from manual to automatic.
- Then start the service.


Does CA Identity Manager support using Service Name as a connection for JasperSoft Reporting Server?



CA Identity Manager only supports SID (Site Identifier). If Service Name is used, the error is shown below:




JasperSoft Reporting supports both SID and Service Name. Since CA Identity Manager only supports SID, SID should only be used in the "Service" field on JasperSoft as seen in the example below:



Does the PeopleSoft connector on CA Provisioning Manager have failover support similiar to
the functionality seen in Active Directory connector for failover?



CA Provisioning Manager does not have an option for PeopleSoft failover support like in
Activity Directory. Failover support for PeopleSoft is done internally within the
PeopleSoft application through Oracle's "Jolt Failover" mechanism.

The list of option for PeopleSoft are seen below: