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Setup Oracle Listener for Oracle Database

Blog Post created by Andrew Nguyen Employee on Jul 18, 2017

One important component of database processing is the listener process. The key file to the listener process in Oracle 12c is the listener.ora configuration file. This file identifies two things:

Each database it will listen for

On what ports (default 1521)

The file is located in ORACLE_HOME/network/admin.


Example listener.ora file:





check oracle listener status:

lsnrctl status


Configuring Passwords for Oracle Net Listener

Oracle Net Listener Control (lsnrctl) is the command-line utility for managing Oracle Net Listener configuration, including passwords. A password can be configured for the listener to provide security for listener administrative operations, such as starting or stopping the listener, viewing a list of supported services, or saving changes to the Listener Control configuration. However, as mentioned earlier, local administration of the listener is secure by default through the local operating system. Therefore configuring a password is neither required nor recommended for secure local administration.


To set a new encrypted password with the CHANGE_PASSWORD command, issue the following commands from the Listener Control utility:


Old password: old_password
New password: new_secure_password
Reenter new password: new_secure_password
Connecting to (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tpc)(HOST=sales-server)(PORT=1521)))
Password changed for LISTENER
The command completed successfully

Connecting to (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=sales-server)(PORT=1521)))
Saved LISTENER configuration parameters.
Listener Parameter File /oracle/network/admin/listener.ora
Old Parameter File /oracle/network/admin/listener.bak
The command completed successfully