Andrew Nguyen

AD Authentication with Identity Governance

Blog Post created by Andrew Nguyen Employee on Dec 27, 2017
  1.         User Logon Name in Active Directory: libdo01@istavapp1402.local


  1.         Enable Active Directory and LDAP authentication in IG:
    1.           security.disable.ADAuthentication = True
    2.           security.disable = false



  1.           ldap.server: example:



  1.           security.credential.expiration.seconds = 60



  1.          security.disable.ssl.ADAUthentication = True



  1.        PersonID in IG Eurekify configuration: istavapp1402\libdo01
  2. Note: The user prefix should be pre-2000 domain complaint (without the .local suffix).



  1.        Login to IG: istavapp1402\libdo01
  2.            Note: If the system attribute default.domain is set to istavapp1402, then the prefix for the domain when signing into IG is not mandatory (login is permitted via  istavapp1402\libdo01 and with libdo01).
  3.           A restart of the IG application might be required to apply all system changes.




  1.         Login ID in IM: istavapp1402\libdo01



  1.          IM Login: Username: istavapp1402\libdo01



  1.         Login to IP: Username: istavapp1402\libdo01