Tip: How to confirm the version of Windows that a computer is on

Blog Post created by Kyle_R Employee on Feb 25, 2016

Hello Everyone,


A quick tip here on how to identify the version of Windows that a computer you are examining is running on.


This is very useful for when you're coming in cold on a remote machine, especially for the more recent versions of Windows which tend to blur together in look (Especially when all of the "Tiles" are on!).


Method 1: Use winver


1) At a command prompt enter "winver". The "About Windows" version box is displayed.


Use when a quick visual check is all that is needed - it's easy to remember and type.


Method 2: Use systeminfo


1) At a command prompt enter "systeminfo | findstr OS".


This takes a few seconds to execute compared to Method 1, but presents several lines about the operating system held in the system information.


Use when more details are required, or a quick "cut and paste" extract is needed.

With Method 2, the text is easy to copy (or redirect to a file) file, but with Method 1 you can only take a screenshot or write down the information by hand.


winver and systeminfo.png


And that's it! Two quick simple ways of identifying the Windows version, without wondering where the Windows "Help, About" box has buried itself.


Note that the systeminfo command also quickly shows other information, depending on the operating system:

Host Name:
OS Name:                 

OS Version:

OS Manufacturer:         

OS Configuration:        

OS Build Type:

Registered Owner:        

Registered Organization: 

Product ID:

Original Install Date:   

System Boot Time:        

System Manufacturer:     

System Model:

System Type:


BIOS Version:

Windows Directory:       

System Directory:        

Boot Device:

System Locale:

Input Locale:

Time Zone:

Total Physical Memory:   

Available Physical Memory:

Virtual Memory: Max Size:

Virtual Memory: Available:

Virtual Memory: In Use:  

Page File Location(s):   


Logon Server:


Network Card(s):  



The "OS Version" will also map to the version of Windows installed, with a reference table from Microsoft here.
This page also has some cautions on interpreting versions when the strictest accuracy is required.


Usually though the above information is more than sufficient to meet system administrator needs.     


Thanks, Kyle_R.