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Questions / Unanswered questions

Using Net Areas to segregate CP connections by type 

JWPs, JCPs, fault tolerance, and load balancing 

:READ input check & input handling 



List of issues with CA support & communities 

Transport case file format 

AE XML schema 


Variables in the Automation Engine

VARA objects in the Automation Engine (draft)



Issues with CA support & communities 

Firefox Quick Search bookmarks for searching Automic web pages 

HTTPS-based file management for CA Support incidents 

AE syntax highlighting in Automic Community discussion forums 

Issues with iOS Jive app 

Documentation for AE, Messages, DB schema, Java APIs, etc. 

Firefox Quick Search bookmarks for searching Automic web pages 


AE limits 

&VARIABLE#-style variables in the AE 

Transport case unload/load vs. XML export/import 

Transport case parsing scripts 

:REGISTER_VARIABLE — practical examples with Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, and PowerShell 

General purpose EXEC VARA for running arbitrary SQL statements

Generate input dialog box dynamically from prompt set object

Get localized message from message number 

Set agent group of a job programmatically 

Get object subtype 

On error, skip process tab of JOBS object, but run post-process. 

SearchObject API class returns incomplete list of objects after run of ucybdbld 

Improved way of running the AE DB Utility programs 

Create static VARA if it does not already exist 

EXEC VARA to check file system free space 

Context-aware JOBI that runs different commands in pre-process/process vs. post-process 

Validating the content of object scripting tabs 

Copy all variables from one task to another 

AE XML schema 

Dummy static VARAs for testing 

Automation Engine installation script 

JWP startup script 

How to test whether a variable is set 

Convert an SQL VARA to an EXEC VARA + SQL job. 

Find SQLI VARAs based on the content of the queries 

Load default prompt set values from a VARA object using {VARA,KEY,COLUMN} references 

XML Schema Definition (XSD) for Automation Engine XML export file format 

Look up the details of the job that wrote a particular log file (v2) 

Comments at the end of script lines 

Predefined (built-in) variables 

Static VARA scope (validity area) 

Message types 

MODIFY_UC_OBJECT and its “attributes” 

Script to enable/disable AE tracing for quick collection of traces 

Single sign-on / integrated authentication 

Working with XML objects

Comments at the end of script lines 

XREQ objects 

Hidden objects 


User Interface configuration 

One Automation Java UI startup script 

Different GUI setups for different UC4 systems/environments 


AE & AWI sizing 

AWI configuration settings 

AWI icons for AE objects 

Activating AWI↔AE tracing 

AWI docker image 

AWI — parameterized URLs with autologin SSO 


Vaadin debug window for AWI troubleshooting 

Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.2 

Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.0 




Override metadata (custom attributes) at task properties level 

GENERATE_SCRIPT_VARIABLES should be able to process SQL VARAs directly 

PREP_PROCESS_ARRAY() to process elements of an array 

GET_STATISTIC_DETAIL should be able to get the QUEUE of a task 

Increase maximum size of XML exports/imports from 30 MB to at least 100 MB 

Provide summary after XML export

Provide Docker base images certified for Automic software 

Allow multi-line content in :READ buffers 

Fill array from VARA row or column using :FILL and GET_VAR 

Java API class AgentListItem should have setter methods for WORKLOAD_MAX etc. 

Smarter duplicate and rename functions for groups of objects 

In ucsrv.ini, provide way to specify different log/trace file names for JWP and JCP processes 

:SET_SCRIPT_VAR should be able to set the values of previously undefined variables 

Store deactivation time in task statistics 

Communications Process (CP) should be able to create its own MQ tables 

User impersonation 

Allow configuration of how defaults in Prompt Sets are evaluated 

Buttons in Prompt Sets 

When resetting prompt set fields, honor default values, and reevaluate any variables therein 

Allow variables in :INCLUDE statements 

Set SYNC object at runtime via a variable 

Complete documentation of return codes 

OpenJDK support for CA Automic products 

User/user group-level system limits 

JWP should support LDAP-based Oracle JDBC strings in ucsrv.ini 

GENERATE_SCRIPT_VARIABLES should be able to process SQL VARAs directly 



Automic Web Interface customization 

Keyboard navigation in AWI 

Context-sensitive help for AWI plug-ins 


Move ‘Use for adaptive ERT’ from ‘Variables & Prompts’ to ‘Runtime’ tab 

Keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used commands 

Contextual menus for objects & tasks 


Java APIs

AE Java APIs - eliminate requirement to run direct DB calls to obtain correct results

AE setting to require minimum level of uc4.jar 

Improvements to TaskFilter API class 

Distinguish between, and control access from, the JUI, Java APIs, and AWI 

AgentListItem should have setter methods for WORKLOAD_MAX 

More ways to get IFolder objects 




Add 'Run SMC file' button to Service Manager Dialog (GUI) 

REST web services agent should support Kerberos authentication. 

Amazon S3 file transfers 

SMGR_PORT_RANGE should accept multiple ranges of port numbers 

CA Support

Updates to support tickets should be limited to new information relevant to the ticket 



JUI or AWI? 

How do you handle promotion of AE batches from DEV to TEST & PROD?