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Welcome PKCE!


PKCE (RFC 7636)

Since OTK-3.6.00 was released at the end of December we support PKCE!

That's it, just wanted to let everyone know.


Easy Button upgrade

Some of the OTK users have realized that it is not always easy to upgrade from one version of OTK to another. In order to tackle that issue we are currently reorganizing the structure of OTK. The end result will be an OTK that is configurable AND upgradable with minimum effort.


In order to validate what we are doing I would like to invite all our customers to take part at our next sprint demo on Thursday, 26. January. We will demo the following:

  • how to implement custom grant_types
  • how to implement custom id_token validation and generation
  • how to upgrade from one version to another without losing customizations


You will be able to provide immediate feedback and help us do a better job.

If you are interested please send an email to and I will forward you an invitation.