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Hello everyone!

CA World 2017 was a very good event. We had good times showing our products and very good discussions with our customers and to-be customers.

At the pre-conference session that was about news in OTK-4.1 I was using a SOAPUI project and promised to make it available for everyone.

Well, I am excited to announce that we now have a new project in our public GitHub repository that is dedicated to tutorials. Hopefully, over time, we are able to add more helpful content, maybe also with help of our user community.


Please find the repository here: CA APIM - Open Source and select the project Tutorials.


To have this becoming a successful way of providing tutorials and examples its important that you take a moment to have a look at the REAME content.


As always, please let us know if this is helpful!

Sascha Preibisch

CA World 2017

Posted by Sascha Preibisch Employee Nov 9, 2017

CA World 2017 (13.11.2017 - 17.11.2017)


Another year has passed and next week I am off to Las Vegas for another great event! Just as many of my colleagues.


I am writing to share with you which talks I am presenting:


  1. A pre-conference session (DO1X106E) about news in our OpenID Certified OTK implementation (CA APIM OAuth Toolkit 4.1). This includes a demo for which I am using SOAPUI. Since many of you have asked me about example SOAPUI projects I am taking the chance to provide it to you
  2. A pre-conference session (DO1X118E) about microservices security including a very cool preview of an upcoming feature
  3. A pre-conference session (DO1X117E) about scalable microservices environments
  4. A TechTalk (D01T52T) during the actual conference days in the DevOps API area. The topic is the same as for the 3. pre-conference session, but more compressed to include only the highlights


I would be happy to see you there to meet and chat and pick up your thoughts on what we are doing good and what we should improve! Come and find me at the SMART bar in the DevOps API area if not during the sessions.