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Tutorial on APIs that retrieve local or external resources

Blog Post created by Sascha Preibisch Employee on Dec 2, 2017

Hi everyone!


Just in time for the weekend I have published a new tutorial that shows in detail how to build APIs that retrieve resources from a local datasource or a remote API. As an example I am accessing a database.


The shown building blocks allow a developer to implement APIs without having to know where the resources are located. The source for this tutorial is available as RESTMan bundle and can easily be imported into a CA API Gateway using the RESTMan API. 


Here are two images to give you an idea what is being shown:


Service and Data APIs:

APIs for local or remote resource retrievel


Encapsulated assertions that transparently retrieve data from a local database or via a data API:

Retrieve data from local database or remote API


Find the tutorial in the project Tutorials here: CA APIM on github.

Open the file index.html and select Encapsulating access to resources.


As always, let me know if it helps and what you like and do not like.