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Azure AD Integration

Blog Post created by Sascha Preibisch Employee on Sep 12, 2018

Hello everybody!


This is the first part of a series that shows how to integrate Azure AD (azure) with CA API Gateway (gateway). At the end you will have all details that are required to leverage Azure AD with OTK (CA API Management OAuth Toolkit). This has been requested often, and, since we like our customers, we have listened!


All content is available in GitHub. You only need a gateway license and Docker and that is practically everything.


Part 01 - Small steps first

This first part is all about configuring a first application in Azure AD that can be used to authenticate users in the gateway. The image below indicates what will be included:



This is what you get in this part:

  • Azure AD configured for one application
  • A simple website taking the user through an authorization flow with Azure AD (response_type=id_token)
  • A simple website displaying the username provided by Azure AD


All instructions are in GitHub. Please follow the instructions for the tutorial found here Azure AD Tutorial!


Completed parts

At this time (12. September 2018) part one has been provided. This blog post will be extended and more parts will be added.


As always, please let me know what you liked and what not!