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If you want to get the right version of the IIS installed on Windows, look at the value of :


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \InetStp\ VersionString value



// Go to the Oracle Directory Server installation binary directory :


# cd /opt/dsee7/bin


// Check the cache configuration, in this illustration, it is at 32Mb

# ./dsconf get-server-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 db-cache-size

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:

db-cache-size  :  32M


// Make the cache setting modifyable

# ./dsconf set-suffix-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 "ou=Netegrity,dc=training,dc=com"  entry-cache-mode:manual


// Increase the case object amount to 100000

# ./dsconf set-suffix-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 "ou=Netegrity,dc=training,dc=com" entry-cache-count:100000


// Increase the size of the cache to 1Gb

# ./dsconf set-suffix-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 "ou=Netegrity,dc=training,dc=com" entry-cache-size:1024M


// Check that the changes has been applied

# ./dsconf get-suffix-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 "ou=Netegrity,dc=training,dc=com"  entry-cache-count entry-cache-size

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:

entry-cache-count  :  100000

entry-cache-size   :  1G


// Modify the ids threashold to increase the number of entries matching the index key

# ./dsconf set-server-prop -h10.130.248.143 -p389 all-ids-threshold:40000

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:

Reindex all suffixes for changes to take effect.


// Re-index the Policy Store

./dsconf reindex -h -p 389 -e "ou=Netegrity,dc=training,dc=com"


// Re-index the XPS Store (you will need to stop the Policy Store)

./dsadm reindex -bl -t "Sort xpsSortKey" /opt/dsee7/local/ps1252 PolicySvr4

./dsadm reindex -bl -t "Sort modifyTimestamp" /opt/dsee7/local/ps1252 PolicySvr4