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  • I do not see the value in interrupting case creation just to remind the user that he can search for KB articles matching different search terms. I suggest that you perform the KB article search silently, and interrupt case creation only if at least ...

  • Happy New Year @Michael A. Lowry . We had discussed this design and decided on showing this on case creation to: Allow the user a chance to change the search term and search before submitting.  Often times the subject is not really the keyword ...

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  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    Hi   @Steve Desaulnier , I have a case where the Unified History tab does not show the full content of a comment made by Support. I cannot share all the details here, so I will send you a private message. /Keld.

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    Community rewards

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    Back in the Symantec Connect days, my user account provided a link to community rewards that I could claim by using the community points I had collected.   Could someone please let me know if this Broadcom community provides the same feature as I cannot ...

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