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What to do if the user has already registered by himself(without me sending invite to him/her) as I am not able to add that user in my existing projects....the error shows the user is already present.But when I try to adding through ADD existing users,it doesnt populate the required usernames/emails to add.?
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Marianne Graham
Thanks to an awesome hackathon project by one of our developers, we are adding risks as a new work item type in Agile Central! We will be starting a beta for these work item types in the near future, so respond to this Community post if you're interested in trying it out.     This new work item type will allow you to track risks in Agile Central… (Show more)
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1. In ACTIVE Orphaned stories page, the stories should list only from selected SCRUM team but it display from parent projects level   2. In Iteration status page, Tasks box should have option feature to click and display list of active tasks. Right now, one has to browse each story one by one and search the active tasks. Also the same issue to… (Show more)
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We're currently pulling reports from CA Agile about all sorts of metrics(stories per sprint, points per team, etc) and putting it all into an excel file manually and doing our data manipulation there. Is there a way we can automate the process of building the report from Agile? If there is a way to connect reports being generated to either a… (Show more)
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Hi, our team has recently switched to Kanban and I'm trying to reconfigure my dashboard accordingly. So far, I have 2 Kanban board apps that display the cards in my states of interest. This is controlled by only showing the columns that are in relation to me.   I'm trying to setup the Task view app, so I can see the tasks that are in the Stories… (Show more)
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I'm having an issue with showing the correct percent done (both by count and estimate). A Feature has two accepted stories, however Rally says that 0 out 1 stories has been accepted. It seems that these stories are not being recognized as children of this Feature. Any ideas? The image is attached. Thanks in advance!
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I'm from American Airlines and wanted to discuss on Rally Integration with Jenkins.  Our integration job fails  most of the time when the reference job failed with UNSTABLE keyword.  I have raised a ticket for the same long back so need update.  And also the job is now hung at Python Adaptor process.  Pls can you help in which scenarios the job is… (Show more)
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Did you know that CA Agile Central now gives users the ability to copy & paste an image (or drag & drop) directly into rich text fields via QDP (Quick Detail Pages)? It's awesome!     CA Agile Central Subscription Admins
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I can paste a copy image in a rich text field such as description on a defect and the saved notification appears.  But when I click Done and re-open the object, the image is not in the field
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There are products already front facing GraphQL for their APIs.   GitHub - APIs-guru/graphql-apis:    A collective list of public GraphQL APIs    Does CA Agile Central have any plans to expose its API in a form of GraphQL?
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