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Level Up: Extending Agile Central with Custom Pages and Apps   Custom pages allow you to create bespoke views that provide quick access to the data you need. In this Webcast, we’ll cover leveraging the new app catalog to create and share pages with various built-in and custom apps. Plus, for power users, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how…
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I am working on a custom app that I need to create a setting panel for.  I have the settings panel working, for the most part.  I have one problem left.  The settings panel contains a grid to select columns to be used for a board.  The initial value for the columns selector only has about 3 or 4 entries so the grid fits on the screen just fine.… (Show more)
in CA Agile Central
Is there an app I can use to create a customized portfolio timeline.  For example, what is I want to display other columns on the gantt chart, such as owner, release, project, state, color ...    Thanks! Olga.
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Hi,   I would like to hear whether any of you know of an app (or otherwise) that allows a graphical representation of all Release/Program increment dependencies at once.   The Release Tracking page allows for display of one dependency at a time, but it cannot display all at once.   Alternatively a release dependency overview with warnings… (Show more)
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We have a Defect, which needs to be fixed across 5-6 releases. How do we manage and track this defect across different releases. The Defect may be fixed in different releases at different point of time. Is it recommended to create(clone) a different Defect for each release ? But then it creates too many defects for the same bug. Or is it… (Show more)
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Created REST API connection to capture the metric report but had to loop through all user stories to arrive at the # of test cases and defects for a release.    Is there a out-of-the-box summary view by iteration or multiple iterations combined to display the metric of total test cases, defects.   When we go in Iteration status tab and try to… (Show more)
in CA Agile Central
We are excited about the new third party context.  In the wsapi could you confirm that this is the 'connection' object?  Also can we create a connection through REST?  What would that look like?  I've noticed that we currently have the GET but not the PUT.   Thanks!
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We are excited to release today our new Quality Management page! Quality Management provides a new, modern experience for managing and organizing test cases and test folders in Agile Central. This page is available under the Quality Menu.   The foundation of this new page, shown below, is based on two tables: one for test cases not assigned to a… (Show more)
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What does everyone use for their Custom Charts and Graphs?   I am looking to create a dashboard for different aspects of Defect tracking and some status reporting. I see the reports that are in the tool but would like to be able to customize more than what is allowed.   thanks,
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Is it possible to build a table of features targeted for a particular release that shows for each feature the number of stories and how many are in each state (new, defined, in progress, complete, accepted, released)?
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