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Rally combo box for fetching the views exceeding more than size 200 - The following sharedviewcombobox configuration is not working as expected and the pagination is breaking.   {     ptype: 'rallygridboardsharedviewcontrol',     sharedViewConfig: {         enableUrlSharing: this.isFullPageApp !== false,         stateful: true,         pageSize:… (Show more)
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Does anyone know of a place in the help files that lists workspace admin rights, permisssions, etc. as well as project rights, permissions, etc.?  I don't even need it to be on the same page, I'd just like to be able to reference this.  I feel like I've seen it before, just can't find it now.  I'm constantly having folks tell me they MUST be a… (Show more)
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When I am in the Iteration Status page for my project and I select which columns to display and then Apply. It takes the change but the change is not persistent i.e. when I come back to this page the columns are back to default. Is there a way to make my column selections permanent in the Iteration Status page?   I have to reselect my preferred… (Show more)
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Hi guys,    JohnStreeter's reply on the Discussion Rank information indicates that Rank is defined on the Work Item itself. And the above reply from Edwin Aragonaraed02 says that Rank is relative, and hence specific to the context of the page or view you're dragging it up or down (or right-clicking and select Rank Highest, Rank Lowest, Move to… (Show more)
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In my organization, features are created by another department, and I then create stories in those features. It would be very helpful for me to see a list of all features that contain at least 1 story for which I'm the owner.
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I am trying to use pyral (python rally) package to login to rally but the login process is getting failed giving error as "Invalid credentials" inspite of the fact that credentials are correct. I have tried apikey method also but same results.   Can anyone help me here ?
in CA Rally
Hi there! We're running into an issue using the CA AgileCentral/TFS Connector with an on-prem TFS 2015 server where occasionally TFS tickets will begin to duplicate.   We are using the COPY_RALLY_TO_TFS task only.  When this occurs, the only fix is to go into Rally and fill in the TFSID and TFSLINK fields, and then close the duplicates in… (Show more)
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Our workspace uses drag-and-drop ranking. My project is one of hundreds of projects in the workspace. I am not able to switch to manual ranking. We are tracking 300 defects in Rally. I can see up to 99 defects on a page. How do I re-rank an item on page 3 to page 1, for example?
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Click to view contentwork space is : Intelligent platforms software project: proficy smart signal (PSS) when I export all the user stories, on the rank column, the numbers are off.  there are about 26 rows with same rank # 344934890527. How could this be? see attached, column W. 
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