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App of the Week - Custom Grid with Deep Export

Blog Post created by William Kammersell Employee on Jul 11, 2017

With the launch of the Community App Catalog doc, we want to highlight some of the awesome apps available for you to install and use right away. Today's post is all about the Custom Grid with Deep Export. If your data reports not only slice and dice, but also make julienne fries, you need this app to get all the great data you can out of Agile Central. You can find details on how to install the app as well as the full list of great appshere.


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Custom Grid with Deep Export

GitHub Project | Source Code to Install




Have you ever wanted to export user stories with their children? With the Custom Grid with Deep Export, you can filter for the stories or portfolio items you are looking to export, then export them with their children. No longer do you have to export several layers of data just to stitch them back together!


Use Cases

This app is great for using with your reporting tool or spreadsheet of choice to look at several tiers of data at once. You can also use this app if you have a past or current set of stories and tasks that are similar to some new work that you are planning, so you can copy them to create a basis for your new work.