• why do pics (of online users) show up on some flows but not others?

    if I switch between flows... it seems to have stopped showing online users (pics/icons) at top bar/panel?  same users are in multiple flows (so they should appear in both) -- which if you click on the "online" yo...
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  • Unread message notifications not clearing on Android

    I have been using Flowdock on Android for more than a year now. All this time there has been an issue where the unread message notifications (the colored dots on the right pane next to flow names or individual us...
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  • Changes since late December (web app cert & OSX app)?

    Have there been changes since late December (web app cert & OSX app)?  My PC had been asleep from Dec 23 until Jan. 2. What I experienced this morning was an inability of the OSX app to refresh or load (just ...
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  • :x: in office 365 excel links are getting interpreted as emoji, thus breaking the link

    Does anyone have a workaround for this issue? When I try to post links in flowdock like this:   https://fbmicoi.sharepoint.com/:x:/r/sites/SystemsTeam/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B84ae71f0-64b8-4395-98d5-90...
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  • Flowdock 1.0.3 desktop notifications make main window lose focus

    Since the recent update of the Windows desktop application for Flowdock to version 1.0.3 the display of every desktop notification makes the main Flowdock window lose it focus, such that typing a message gets interrup...
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  • Can our non-profit association use Flowdock?

    Hi!   I'm wondering if our non-profit association (Athene, the Guild of Information Networks) could use Flowdock as one of our future conversation platforms? Our association consists of around 500 members, 56 vo...
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  • Alternative to API token when API token is expected

    According to this page, API tokens are deprecated: https://flowdock.com/account/tokens    The Backup Gem (GitHub - backup/backup: Easy full stack backup operations on UNIX-like systems. ) expects an A...
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  • Windows Flowdock does not allow to paste snippets or urls after v1.0.3 upgrade

    After upgrading to the recent update (v1.0.3) for Flowdock for Windows, users (Windows 7 Enterprise) are not able to paste into the flows. So far we have found that we cannot paste from Snippet or just a simple copy a...
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  • SSL certificate for IRC gateway expired

    It appears that the SSL cert for the IRC gateway for WeeChat etc. is expired:   openssl s_client -showcerts -connect irc.flowdock.com:6697 CONNECTED(00000006) depth=3 C = SE, O = AddTrust AB, OU = AddTrust Exter...
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  • Password reset doesn't work

    Hi,   I'm trying to reset my password (account michael.stormbom@lingsoft.fi), but the reset e-mail never appears (and is not in the spam folder), so I'm essentially locked out from my account. Would need to rest...
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  • REST API rate limit

    We do have a bot for reminders and various other things we need and it is hitting the rate limit every now and then. Is there an exact number available regarding the limit? Also would it be possible to get that raised...
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  • Bug: Clicking file initializes double download

    When receiving a file in a chat, clicking the file will popup two 'save as' dialog boxes, as shown in attached gif.
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  • HTTP 408 error during authentication

    Hi. I am experiencing issues using Flowdock from a browser or Rambox on my home slow ADSL connection. I am getting HTTP 408 (request timeout) error during authentication. And even when passing this step, then flows a...
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  • Timeout response from New Relic integration

    I have followed the instructions to set up the New Relic integration many times but consistently get nothing.  When I click the "Send a test notification" in New Relic the response it gives is a timeout.   ...
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  • Flowdock_1.0.2_Windows.exe.zip

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  • Updated instructions for using Drone notifications with Flowdock?

    Hi, can anyone help with updated instructions for using drone flowdock notifications?  The information here appears to be out of date, as the example is invalid syntax in the latest version of .drone.yaml https:/...
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  • Android app not loading

    Android app just hanging when loading flow / messages since this morning.   Eventually the OS says that the app isn't responding and suggests closing it.   android
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  • Is it possible to rename an existing org?

    Will the renaming break anything? (integrations, e-mails etc)
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  • New user account not found in search & organization invite doesn't work.

    Inviting a new user to organization flows fails. Add user -feature is unable to find the newly created user when typing the exact email address to search field. Organization user invite which allows me to "invite us...
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  • Backspace no longer working to go back in FlowDock

    Windows 10. After most recent FlowDock update, backspace is not working to go back to previous thread/flow. Any fix or workaround?
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