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While exporting the test cases to JIRA from ARD, getting the following errors. I have added a custom field Fix version with value [{"set":[{"name" : "Version 1"}]}] to map Fix version/s of JIRA. { "errorMessages": [ ], "errors": { "fixVersions": "data was not an array" } } --------------------------------------------------- {… (Show more)
One of our groups is requesting access to Requirements Designer, what do we need to do to gain this access?
I am looking for a sample model for CRM flow like in SalesForce with business objects like user, account, leads, opportunity, etc. Looking at the use case I found it particularly complicated as there are lot of dependent fields and a layer of visibility based on user's role. Is there a simple way to design this? salesforce #salesforce crm 
We are currently using a crude query to get all models in repository. We need to get specific and extract models only in a specific folder. tdm repositorytdm repositorymodel attributes
Hi,   In a few cases it would be better if ARD toll can provide an option of attaching the existing artefacts in PDF, VISIO...format to a block (process block, decision block...) to the model created in ARD.   For E.g.: We know that there should be a document delivered to user based on one of the output from a block, we should be having a…
Hello,   Does CA Agile Requirements Designer support connecting to Microsoft Azure DevOps Services? I am using ARD 2.8 and trying to connect via the Microsoft Team Foundation Server connector, and receive an authentication error.   The online documents say that both TFS and Visual Studio Online (VSO) are supported. VSO has now been migrated to… (Show more)
We need the ability to search completely within the ARD models and across files from outside of the ARD models   Impacts of not having search:   Time it takes to manually search each fileAfter working with the Paper team on the search functionality within Windows when running against our Visio flows we use this feature today approximately 50…
Hi CA ARD Team,   From the docops  notes - it was bit not clear to me how to pass the English and Spanish parameters to a sub flow. link which I was referring as below   Could anybody help me or if possible… (Show more)
Often my committed features that I need to report status on are not fully decomposed into user stories.  And sometimes the user stories still need to be sized with story points.  I need a way to show percent complete at the feature level based on the refined estimate of that feature.   refined estimate percent complete feature-status
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