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Hello.   I have to configure Tomcat to build a gateway for my clients. Is there a third pool value that a ca recommends for a gateway? Because this customer is on financial business, there are many uses of API.   I have to organize a tomcat for tomorrow.   Please help me.
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CA API Developer Portal3.5-CR00 Appliance Version a question about that.   I want to know how to connect and use an external MySQL database in Portal.   Thank you.
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Click to view contentDear Community,   We have two clusters which are load balanced externally via f5. Gateway Version : 9.1     From our customers, I am sometimes getting that our services are not responding-unreachable.   When I inspect the dashboard during blackouts, in some cases I can realize that incoming requests are decreasing(for all services) for a… (Show more)
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I want to be able to inspect the raw incoming webservice request before it goes through the policy set in Policy Manager. Does the Policy Manager have an option for this, is it an assertion I put at the beginning of my policy?
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Hi Guys,   I'm using API GW 9.3. I need to convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal, for example to represent 14 -> 0E in policy. Any idea how to accomplish it?   Thanks in advance,   Wojciech
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Hi There, We have a service contain few encapsulated assertions,is their a way to pull out what are various encapsulated assertions the service may contain probably with some query or in any other way? pls advice
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Click to view contentWhen trying to run from Gateway I get the following error: The query test failed: The IN or OUT parameter is missing in the index :: 1 However, SQL Developer does not generate any errors. The connection to the database is correct and has no problems.
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Click to view contentHi All, I have a load balancer keealive dedicated service as advised by product documentation (Configuring the Load Balancer - CA API Gateway - 8.4 - CA Technologies Documentation ).   Because we are offloading audit logs from internal gateway database to an external Database we also have an Internal Audit Sink Policy (Working with the Audit… (Show more)
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I need to send logs in  CEF and LEEF format.  The message part I can construct but the headers need to be customized as well.   Syslog header Feb  8 09:49:47 srv005851 SSG[8,620]: INFO com.l7tech.log.custom.TEST: -4:   CEF header Dec 18 20:37:08 <>    LEEF header Jan 18 11:07:53    Here is a good article… (Show more)
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