API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [JUN 2015]

Blog Post created by kristen.palazzolo Employee on Jul 1, 2015

What happened last month in the API Management Community? Check it out!

News & Announcements

API Portal Beta - call for participation

Get a Sneak Peak at the CA World ’15 Session Catalog - Now Live!

CA Technologies Named a Red Hat Innovation Award Winner for Application Development


Top Viewed Answered Questions

Certification on CA Layer 7 API gateway

Question about the API gateway

Integrating Siteminder with CA layer7

Certificate path validation and/or revocation checking failed Error

Is it possible to access body or form data in a http delete request?


Support Docs & Services

Customizing HTTP responses and status codes when an HTTP method is not allowed

Creating conditional statements in the CA API Gateway Policy Manager

Converting data hashed using the Generate Security Hash assertion

tzdata Defect Advisory - [ 06 February 2015 ] -- Potential kernel panic during leap second insertion

Finding references to cluster-wide properties in published service policies

Patches required for upgrading the 8-series and 9-series of the CA API Gateway appliance

Patches required for upgrading the 7-series of the CA API Gateway appliance

How to hide Forums



API-Driven Innovation for Today’s Open Enterprise

CA API Management Community Replay: Introduction to CA API Developer Portal 3.1 (Jun 9th)


June Office Hours - Chat Transcript:

Transcript CA API Management Office Hours: A Live Chat (Jun 18)


Upcoming Events (RSVP!)

Office Hours for CA API Management: A Live Online Chat (Jul 16)

Webcast: How to Remove Constraints for Faster API Development (Jul 29)

New Ideas

Vote up on ideas that you want included in an upcoming release. Click on the idea below to vote.

GMU - add ability to export specific tokens/fields by filter/criteria.

Extension of Mgmt API - Setting Roles and Groups to Users

Patch Process - remove *.l7P file

Policy manager - Global Setting for show assertion number and show comment