Community Member Spotlight: Clotilde Hovine

Blog Post created by kristen.palazzolo Employee on Jun 20, 2016


Get to know Clotilde!


Username: chovine


Company: Nexworld


Title: Information System Consultant


Location: Paris, France


Why did you choose a career in IT/IS?

I chose a career in IT because it allows me to work in companies in very different fields. IT is for me a very neutral topic that blends into the specific problems of large companies.


This area is also very modern and constantly changing. This is, for me, very important to renew his knowledge constantly and not to remain frozen on the gains.


What value does the CA API Management Community bring to you and your company?

The CA API Management Community helps me to find solutions when I have problems during installations that I have to perform. To share my questions and discoveries is a real asset. The community also allows me to see posts from people who have more experience and knowledge.


Favorite dessert: Pear Charlotte


Favorite 3 movies of all time:

  • Point Break: for the beautiful marine landscapes ... and Patrick Swayze
  • Princess Bride: a typical girls movie
  • OSS 117: for the french humor!


Favorite hobbies/interests: I like to draw and take pictures to capture all the beautiful scenery that I see during my travels. I also like having drinks with friends and discover beautiful hidden bars in Paris.


If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

If I were an animal, I will be a doe. This corresponds to my sensitive and discreet but determined character. And it is a beautiful animal


Note from Kristen: Clotilde - thanks for being an exemplary member of the CA API Management Community!