CA API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [JUNE 2016]

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What happened last month in the CA API Management Community? Check out this quick recap:


News, Blogs & Announcements

CA API Management SaaS New Features Rolled Out

General Availability Announcement for CA API Management SaaS Spring 2016 Update

#api360 summit group selfie

Community Member Spotlight: Clotilde Hovine

Latest Monthly Platform Updates

Latest API Developer Portal Cumulative Releases (CRs)


Support Documentation & Tech Tips

CA API Gateway 9.1 documentation is now available in Japanese.

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA API Management [JUNE 2016]

SaaS Portal Spring Release Webcast [SLIDES]


Questions Asked

Answered Questions*

Required automation betwwen CA Developer Portal and LDAP

Using API Secrets

How can I define optional items in Array Object using Validate JSON Schema?

Using Layer7 policy assertion "route via FTPS" to connect to specific FTPS server.

Is there a way to identify the context variable for the body part of "Return Template Response to Requestor" assertion?

How to configure Mutual Authentication in Layer 7 Gateway ?

CA API Management Gateway 9.0   Patches - we have recieved patch notification emails however the links to are unusable at the moment does anybody have the actual content of the latest patch notification not the link but the instructions

Authenticating a client cert.

Patch management - How to get statistics about patching?

Oauth manager is down

Hosting a image in XMLGateway server

Context client linked to OAuth token ?

Problem with OAuth in the CA API Gateway

Problem in Publishing SOAP Webservice via CA Gateway 9.0

Problem in Integrating API Portal with API Gateway

SOAP Service which i want to publish req. client certificate

One or two portals?

How to retreive the Virtual group from RESTMAN

Extract binary attachment

Anyone have experience testing client auth with SOAPUI?

What version of RHEL is on ssg v9.1

Verify the certificate of a service called by the Gateway

Where Are the L7P Patches

(Layer 7) message not processed

Client mutual authentication via SSLv3

Unable to Enable API's in Developer Portal 3.5

How to get the time taken to FTP?

Where the Gateway sits in the OSI model

CA Api Mangement in azure

Api Gateway upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1

Catch the soap fault and error response before it is returned

Layer7 Gateway support NTLM authentication ?

While I am creating LDAP Identity provider I am facing issue like Content is not having in ldap url? Why I am getting this issue? Whatever the url I am giving I am facing same issue

Are the Portal APIs (portalman) usable and documented?

Need to see the last options under TASK

Open Questions

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Route via HTTP assertion clarification

CA API Gateway Sizing

Security + REST Services

API Gateway as IDP of the SAAS portal

Import custom/third party API key managers/servers

Oauth configuration issues

Generate report for Policies provisioned from Policy manager

Cluster-Wide Properties + Naming Convention

While I am working on publish an api to api gateway in live api creator with the command line interface I am getting error as following attachement


New Ideas

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Select a variable as jdbc connection (instead of the actual jdbc connection) on a perform jdbc query assertion

Improve internal XSL cache

Control the outbound concurrency

Option to download Swagger file

SecurePassword reference by name

Add auditing for SSL/TLS version used by client

Develop tool or option in policy manager to download patches and updates automatically

Policy Manager Preference to Set Background Color

Enforce maximum response bytes allowed by Layer7 Administrators

Portal integration missing the organisation name

OTK Token expiry time should be configurable against each client

XML <-> JSON transformation of NULL

Ca Directory as default and external Access token store



OpenID Connect Tech Talk

CA API Management SaaS Spring Release Webcast [REPLAY]

CA API Management Overview (CA API 관리 소개)

How to install the API Performance Monitoring Integration

CA API Management Demo: API Intelligence

CA API Management Demo: API Monetization - Developer Accounts

CA API Management Demo: API Monetization – Creating Plans

CA API Management Demo: API Protection – OWASP Vulnerabilities

CA API Management Demo: Discovering APIs


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API Security - Key Considerations for Securing APIs Both Internally & Externally [JUL 14]

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Office Hours for CA API Management: A Live Online Chat [JUL 21]


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