Working Software NOW

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Aug 27, 2018

Last week, I talked about some of the business constraints that enterprises must deal with as they modernize their application architectures, and that APIs are the glue that ties applications back to services.  This week, I wanted to talk about the problem that lies underneath - the app architecture and the logic.  You've got data handling issues - let's be real - your database doesn't know what the modern endpoint (your phone or tablet) is, and the two certainly don't know how to talk to each other, much less integrate.  And the business logic is paramount to design correctly.


And that's the beauty of CA Live API Creator.  It was designed to not just enable, but automate the architecture and the logic.  Building on the Agile concept of Working Software as the basis of collaboration and integration, we can create it NOW.  Using the App First model, you can just paint your app, and the system creates your UI, multi-table database, and even a default API.


Next, as we automate the server side logic with both point and click APIs and spreadsheet-like logic and security.  And underneath the API and logic automation is architecture automation, addressing both your service logic  (routes, controllers, data types, exception handling, etc) and your data handling (SQL connections, ORM, filtering, sorting, pagination, etc).


Sounds like quite the statement.  Want to see Working Software NOW?  I'd like to remind you about an upcoming webinar on August 29th, at 9am pst (noon eastern) discussing CA Live API Creator 5.0, where you'll see Renu Motwani, Product Manager, and her team build a working system from scratch in 20 minutes, as well as a peek at the brand new v5.0.  Click here to register - I hope to see you there!