Lambda and S3 w/CA API Management

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Sep 5, 2018

I wanted to share some information - hot off the press!  Many of you use CA API Gateway 9.3.  And many of you also happen to use Lambda.  Wouldn't it be killer if they were integrated?  Now they are!  AWS Integration Assertions are available immediately off the CA Support Site.  When you log on, if you have entitlements to 9.3 Gateway, you will see it in the list of downloadable components (under “CA API Gateway Enterprise MULTI-PLATFORM”).


Why do want this?  Some users need to integrate disparate backend services, including cloud services that are running in AWS.  Once installed on your gateway, you will have new assertions that will enable your gateway to call serverless AWS Lambda functions and Simple Cloud Storage Service (S3).

This means that you can develop APIs that integrate with a wide range of backend services, including those that are running on AWS.  For example, from within policy, Gateway users will be able to invoke AWS Lambda Functions, and get/put data from S3. 


To learn more about how it works, the documentation is available here.  I hope this new integration helps with your digital transformation efforts!