Gain W(5) API Visibility

Blog Post created by oakbi01 Employee on Oct 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, I asked a simple question - are your APIs snails or supersonic?  Actually, the question I <<should>> have asked is....do you KNOW if your APIs are snails or supersonic?  Let's face it - you want to know before your customer let's you know....because the way they'll let you know is by finding another solution.


So how DO you know?  Precision API Monitoring is a powerful tool from CA that provides:

  • Proactive identification, contextualization and triage of all application performance issues with API-oriented root causes, reducing overall Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Detailed visualization and tracing of all transactions traversing the API Gateway, across  all services, with correlation to all related back end systems
  • Collaboration across development, engineering and integration teams to optimize API  design, implementation and adaptation, along with necessary policy compliance


To learn more about Precision API Monitoring, I'd like to invite you to an upcoming webcast, Gain W(5) Visibilitytaking place October 24th at 9am (PST)).  Brian Whitmarsh, Sr. Director, Product Management for CA Technologies Agile Operations Business Unit, will be discussing API monitoring in depth, and showcase Precision API Monitoring, an API monitoring solution that's tightly integrated with CA API Management