• Max. TPS Details in Policy Manager

    Is there any way in Policy Manager Dashboard or any assertion that shows the Maximum Transactions served by the API Gateway per second? Consider the period limit to be of one month.
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  • Multiple Route calls and response handling

    Hi, Don't know if I should open a case @support or if this is an intended behaviour but we experience a problem with one API that does: - Request an authentication token from an external partner (from an included po...
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  • Question about message size limit

    I know that there are several settings related to message size limitations.   Listen Port Properties - Request Properties Route via https - Response Properties Manage Cluster-Wide Properties - io.xmlPartMaxByt...
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  • How to pass Dynamic values to AMQP?

    I have a requirement to implement AMQP in API Gateway servers. We have multiple Inbound and Outbound Queue Names. Currently, we have configured API Policy with Individual Inbound/Outbound Queue Names. We want to reuse...
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  • Reminder: The API Gateway 8.x series reaches End Of Service (EOS) on April 30, 2019.

    The official announcement was posted here: https://support.ca.com/us/product-content/status/announcement-documents/2018/ca-api-gateway-8-x-eos-announcement.html   Highlights from the announcement: ...
    Dustin Dauncey
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  • Ability to align uncommon content-types

    1 vote
    This idea is prompted from a uncommon content-type : "application/jwk-set+json; charset=UTF-8 "   Out of box the Gateway cannot recognize the message due to this content-type. The mainpart will ap...
    Kevin Russell
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  • Configuring and testing websockets on API Gateway

    We need to use websockets connection via our API GW. What everything and how should be set up on API GW and  what everything I need to test it. Is it possible to have on my computer some simple .NET application o...
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  • [URGENT] Does LAC provides authentication for client's application users?

    When I searched it in LAC documentation, I always got the Authentication providers docs. Which I understand is for the security of our APIs created via LAC. That's okay. But my use case is mentioned below -  ...
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  • ssglog.properties

    Hi All,   I am trying to find the usage of this ssglog.properties and is logging format of ssg.log can be controlled using this properties file? My intention here is to customize the log entry going to ssg...
    created by Chaitanya.Naidu
  • GraphQL support for LAC

    7 votes
    As REST is setteling down , new kinds of accessing data approaches. GraphQl is on on the horizon with a lot of advantages compared to a typical REST API. So I think it would be a great innovation, if LAC would suppo...
    Michael Mueller
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  • Support for Open API 3.0 OAS3

    48 votes
    I'd like to see support for OAS 3.0 within the Dev Portal 4.X. Please see https://swagger.io/blog/announcing-openapi-3-0/ for reference. The simple reason ist that, Swagger 2.0 is cumbersome and inflexi...
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  • Behavior of Export Variables from Fragment Assertion

    Hi all, we put some of our functions into fragments to use them easier in different policies and to be more flexible in case of updates are required (then only the fragment needs to be updated and it will inherit int...
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  • Routing Json request issue

    Hello   curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "header1: abc=3" -H "header2: xyz" -d '{"Id" : "Id123"}' https://host1.example.com/   Implemented above request using context variable with data ...
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  • Unable to use ssg service commands

    Hello Team,   We have installed API Gateway software version 9.4 on Azure by installing MySQL5.7.25. Able to start gateway with /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/bin/gateway.sh. We are believe that ssg serv...
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  • Multiple Scope values

    How can i overwrite OTK SCOPE issuing assertion which is encapsulated? i need that 'oob' should not be returned when no scope is specified in request, but the cases defined within this assertion does not allowed me to...
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  • Is OpenAPI 3.0 supported by CA API Management? Including the API gateway, API Creator and Developer Portal?

    How well is the OpenAPI 3.0 supported by CA API Management, Including API Developer Portal, API Gateway, Live API Creator, Mobile API Gateway, Microgateway? Thanks
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  • API Portal 4.2 : Login API OTK Token Endpoint

    Hi,   Have been trying to use the login api, specifically the OTK token endpoint.   I'm able to use the grant_type = client_credentials, however, when trying to use password grant type. I'm having trouble ...
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  • Is supporting MariaDB as Gateway and Portal databases on the roadmap?

    Hi all,   Is supporting MariaDB as Gateway and Portal databases on CA's roadmap?   Thanks, -Jaime
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  • Synchronize 2 Gateway clusters

    5 votes
    We plan to build-up a second cluster of the API gateway.The prevent inconsistency between the 2 clusters, we need a way to keep the content (policies, configurations, cluster wide properties, global resources, .....
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  • Ability to configure GMU role/access rights

    5 votes
    At the moment the GMU seems to be hardcoded to allow only user with admin access. As an MSP we have a number of customers where we are responsible for the technical maintenance of the gateway, but not for the function...
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