• Retrieve entire cache

    10 votes
    Per customer request, we would like the ability to retrieve the entire cache contents via the 'Look up in cache' assertion. Currently, a cache entry key is required. We would like the ability to wildcard or dump the ...
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  • Access control

    I have a use case to compare credentials with local IDP of CA API policy manager. I have following question  We have assertions like Require HTTP Basic credentials to compare credentials with IDP. But in my...
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  • Use custom properties in policies with Portal 3.5

    We have a Developer Portal 3.5 version and would like to use custom properties populated in Custom Fields as context variables in Portal Managed Policies. I have been searching through communities and see that this is...
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  • Vulnerability  : CVE-2017-3599 in api gateway

    Hi,    I am working for one customer he is facing vulnerability error in MySql. Is this vulnerability is fixed by the team. I checked the txt. file in products download and I did not find this vulnerability...
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  • In CA OAuth Toolkit OTK 4.1, what is the best way to add a rate limit to the OTK endpoints?

    The standard OTK endpoints like /authorize, /consent, and /token are read-only.  How do you add rate limits to these endpoints?
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  • REMINDER: This Site Becomes Read-Only on May 24 at 9 a.m. ET

    Good morning, everyone. This post is just a quick reminder that this Friday, May 24 at 9 a.m. ET this site will become read-only in preparation for our final content migration and the creation of the new Broadcom Comm...
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  • API precision monitoring

    Hi Team    My customer is evaluating  precision monitoring for CA API gateway  and he would like to get the report based on which merchant triggered more transactions on particular API .  We ...
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  • How to Log Audit to a File

    I'm only trying to log Audit to file to improve the performance of Gateway. So I'm going to do the following.1. Change Manage Audit Sink to 'Output Audit records via audit think policy'.2. Leave the 'Continue Processi...
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  • Request routing failed with status -1 (Undefined)

    Hi there, we see this error in our audit logs and in Addition to this we find the following entry in ssg-log: 2019-05-23T11:24:22.625+0200 SEVERE  556888 com.l7tech.server.SoapMessageProcessingServlet: java.lan...
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  • SSL Client Certificate Authentication not working. What am I missing?

    I want to enable SSL client certificate authentication using CA API Gateway version 9.3. I have followed the steps described on the documentation but I get the error: "No Client Certificate was present in the request"...
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  • Provide Ability to Organize/Group APIs and Applications

    42 votes
    Provide the ability to group and organize APIs and Applications within the Portal UI.  I have had several clients ask for this feature and competing products do provide this capability which puts us at a disadvan...
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  • Access to Circuit Breaker current values via "event tracker id"

    2 votes
    Clearly to keep track of the status of a circuit breaker internally it has various settings for current counters :    It would be useful to be able to access those trackers via some policy variables eg :...
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  • Help on using SaaS OAUTH OKTA for API authorization

    Tried asking support for some guideline with no luck.   Would like to see if someone could share a working flow where client would get tokens from our 3rd party service provider (okta) and in the API Gateway we'...
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  • A question about service_metrics table

    When I do "select count(*) from service_metrics", count increases by 1 in about 5 seconds. Maybe there is a call for the Dashboard. If I want to check the count of api calls registered as Web Service, is the...
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  • Is there a way to script the entire installation of CA API Gateway servers?

    Is there a way to script the entire installation of CA API Gateway servers?
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  • How to Secure an API

    Basically our idea is to protect api using consumer key i.e even though the API's are published and exposed to the world, can be access only if valid key is sent in the request. I do see few information by integratin...
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  • Gateway WONT start After MySQL Dump Import

    Hi, We are migrating our  gateway from one server to another. To sync up the all databases data, we exported all databases dump from on premise server and imported into cloud server. Tried to start gateway and th...
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  • WS-Security with Certs

    I am trying to utilize the "Require ws-security signature credentials" assertion to obtain a cert from a ws-security header in a request.  I am currently getting the following error: 2019-05-16T10:59:16.922-...
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  • MQ message lost in case of gateway crash

    Hi community,   We are having the following scenario: the API Gateway gets the message from a IBM WebSphere MQ queue. This causes that the message is removed from the queue. the API Gateway is sending the mess...
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  • Usage of the Map in the Execute JavaScript Assertion?

    Can we use map in the Execute Javascript assertion?   I have used the below code snippet. I have defined a context variable country = abc   var country = context.getVariable('country'); var countryMapping...
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