• Customize error response assertion not generating response varibale

    We are using "Customize Error Response" and then "Raise Error" in our service and raising a 500 error, but in message-completed global policy we are not getting the response object to fetch ${response.http.status}, th...
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  • LDAP Authentication Bind Distinguished Name Password - API Developer Portal v4.2

    I am trying to setup LDAP Authentication on the CA API Developer Portal v4.2.  The Setup is asking for a Bind Distinguished Name / Bind Password.  What value are expected for these two attributes?  Wher...
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  • Password Attempt Account Lockout for "Change CA Single Sign-On User Password"

    Maybe I'm missing something, but it appears like if you expose this new assertion as part of a service for a change password process on your front end, that you could potentially be allowing for brute force attem...
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  • UserSwitchedRoutingDataSource

    Getting below errors while load testing(Two nodes). com.l7tech.server.util.UserSwitchedRoutingDataSource.getConnection() com.mchange.v2.c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource.getConnection()   Please share your inputs on&...
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  • Throughput quota Assertion : Fetch value of quota by day from Developer portal

    Scenario: User has APIs created group on developer portal A, B, C. Same API can be there in multiple groups. It has different quotas by day A). 20 per day B). 30per day C). 40 per day. I want to check quota dynamicall...
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  • otk Oauth 2.0 Token Validation

    I have setup 4.2 otk and using gateway 9.3 , I have generated access token for client credentials grant type by using auth/oauth/v2/token. After genearting token , now i want to validate token is it correct or not i a...
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  • How to transform XML Request body in LAC

    Hi There,   I need to create a function or a Custom Endpoint in LAC which will accept a request XML body and transform it and then we need to call another resource.   I know how to call a resourc...
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  • Protect Kibana using api gateway

    Hi,   I have a kibana (Kibana: Explore, Visualize, Discover Data | Elastic) server. I'm trying to use api gateway to control access to it.   Say I have the following, https://my-api-gate-way.my-company.co...
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  • How to config about audit/bin log for house keeping

    How to config about audit/bin log for house keeping   Product : API gateway 9.2
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  • CA API Developer Portal 4.2.7 - SAML SSO and user management

    Colleagues,   a few questions about Portal and user management:   1. Can there be user management synchronization setup between the Portal DB and external IdP's DB? 2. Can developer invitation through the...
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  • How to handle CORS in LAC

    When we request to any function or Resource endpoint we get certain response headers as shown below I need to change this header. For Example, my function which is created in LAC only has a GET method than in...
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  • Code coverage tool for CA API Gateway

    Hi!   We are using CA API Gateway 9.2 and 9.3. We are searching for a tool that calculate code coverage. We think it's not possible . It doesn't hurt to ask.   Thanks
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  • [URGENT] Throw a custom response from Events

    If we are putting a custom validation that will be defined by us and for that, I am using the Early Event. Here is my scenario     It is not the real scenario but my scenario is very similar to this -&...
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  • Publish Swagger Doc

    I am following the below link to publish swagger spec Publish Swagger Service Wizard - CA API Gateway - 9.1 - CA Technologies Documentation. The link says Swagger document must be online, hosted on a HTTP/HTTPS serv...
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  • Has anyone been running Gateway and Portal Developer on KVM Cloud?

    Hi,      Same as a topic. Has anyone been running Gateway 9.2 or above and Portal Developer 4.2 on KVM Cloud?   Best regards, Yotsarun
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  • HttpRouting.reasonCode 404

    Hello,    Could you please suggest the possible reasons for getting reasonCode as 404 ?   Is it same as -4 (Read timeout): One of packets being received from the URL took longer than the read tim...
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  • CA API Management - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (January 18 - January 25)

      It's great that we have such a vibrant community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community i...
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  • My LDAP query somehow adds an ? to the query.

    My LDAP query somehow adds an ? to the query.   The API gateway shows (&(<rest of the query>   The LDAP receives  (&(?<rest of the query>   This has worked before, but now so...
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  • CA API AWS Cross Region Deployment

    Hi All, We Currently has CA API AMI installed in one AWS region.Now we have a requirement where we need install CA API AMI on other AWS region.But the policies available in CA API in the both regions has to be synced...
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  • Portal Developer 4.2 with CentOS ova version 2 image

    Hi,      If I need to install a Portal Developer on CentOS ova version 2. What is a minimum requirement? On Docops just only said 'hardware requirement'. But I need to know if I have a Test env...
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