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Announcement 1 Do you need to upgrade APM? check out newly redesigned page!
Announcement:Do you need to upgrade APM? check out newly redesigned page!
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A colleague has requested a metric detailing the % of "Old Generation" Heap used immediately after a full garbage collection, currently this is only available via javascript calculators however it sounds like something that would be more beneficial if provided by the JVM agent directly (as well as being less overhead on the EM processes).   The…
I have found the ASM OPMS to be very finicky and way to easy to get to a state of not being able to connect the tunnel client. No amount of stopping and or starting/restarting of process or services using monit seems to help. Thus, I end up having to re-install the OPMS. The problem is that unless you are upgrading to a higher version, the…
In conjunction with Export Experience Cards    There should be a way to export and import experience cards in the event you lose one due to accidental deletion, or a mis-modification of one.   CFAndrews
Customers that use applications in the cloud (AWS, Azure...) have to deal with short-lived agents.   Servers are created & destroyed automatically to meet the traffic (auto scale). It results in varying hostname and agent names. It breaks metric continuity since agent names change regularly for an application.   Agents that were in destroyed…
Arnab Mukhopadhyay
Hi,   I was checking the APM Status console and I see three agents showing as Agent Metrics Threshold Exceeded (clamps). The threshold is set to 50000 and the current value is 53000. We have a MOM on RHEL7 and a dedicated collector on Windows 2012. We have around 35 Agents reporting.    Can you please advise? Also I do see some performance… (Show more)
Arnab Mukhopadhyay
Hi,   We have a MOM on RHEL7 and Collector on Windows 2012. It seems that we can launch the Workstation and Investigator directly be connecting to the Collector (http://collector:8081) The performance infact is much faster when connecting to the Collector as compared to connecting to the MOM. Is there any issue for end users, if they connect to… (Show more)
HI Team,   Kindly let us know how can we monitor the Application URL from CA WILY APM. We need to monitor the Helpdesk Link portal status availability. Kindly provide the steps to proceed on this.         Thanks Shwetha
To be able to alert on specific application error/exception (regex on a string within errorsnapshot) and not only on number of errors per inteval. This would be extremely valuable.
When an Application Synthetic Monitoring RBM monitor fails, it does a "Second Opinion" check (within a minute or two of the initial failure), then re-runs the monitor every 5 minutes until it succeeds, then resumes normal scheduling. That is the normal behavior, and, unfortunately, there is no way to modify it. I'm requesting the ability to modify…
Hi Team,   I am using CA APM 10.1 which is monitoring Weblogic Application. Which pbd to use to Configure Tracers in default frontend Marker. Need to add MethodRateTracer to all the frontend marked along with the default blame point tracer.   Regards, winkle Khurana
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