What you may have missed (November 2015)

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Things usually slow up in the communities this time of year but that is not the case with the APM community! We have oodles of new content so be sure to read this to get all caught up and 'share' this post with anyone you think will benefit.  The 'What you may have missed' blog series publishes monthly.



Meet CA Support Engineer for APM - Gnanawathy Hareendran

Scheduled Upgrade - Mobile App Analytics Freemium to 15.4

Need regexp help?

Complimentary Course Offering!  CA APM r10.1: What's New 100

Newly Updated! CA Application Performance Management r10.x Implementation Proven Professional Exam 

The Unofficial APM TIM- MTP Version Compatibility List


Please let us know if you will attend. Click on the event and tell us yes, no or maybe.  You can also download the *ics calendar invite so you don't forget

December 15 --> See Live Demo of APM 10.1 (register for the December 15 event) --> CA Technologies


Mini Webcast Tech Series - these events are only 20-30 minutes (big on value / short on time)

APM Community Webcast - Smart Instrumentation and Entry Point Detection

APM Community Webcast - Custom Instrumentation

APM Community Webcast - Error Detection

APM Community Webcast - Docker


Replays are often posted as comments within the original calendar invitation

CA Partner Speedcast on CA Application Performance Management for Micros…

APM Community Webcast - EPAgent

CA APM (for APJ) Office Hours Transcript - November 2015



By Florian_Cheval

What is "good software"?

How do you measure it?


By Hallett_German --> The Confessions of a Serial Change Agent: Part 1 Overview



Thank you to mutka07 for sharing these videos with our community:

CA APM 10.0: Install Introscope Enterprise Manager MOM as a Clustered Environment

CA APM 10.0: Installing EM Collector in Clustered Environment


NEW IDEAS (be sure to cast your vote, up or down!)



full screen mode or auto-hiding header and navigation in Team Center, WebView and Workstation

Read-only EM - SmartStor can be shared with another EM

Scale Option - Pin At - for historical graph in dashboard

Or more, Or less Threshold

User log-in control by GUI

Easy manual, it shows Means of metrics, Error message list

Alarm setting show full URL

APM support for Oracle Webcenter Portal 11.1.1.x

CA App Synthetic Monitor Contact Management Improvement

Tool to Archive some of the Agent Metrics and Traces generated during a Load Test or Troubleshooting Session as Evidence [

Must have - metric resolution in webview

Support Apache Virtual Hosts on PHP Agent

Removal of unnecessary classpass in

GUI Domains & User Management

Reduce Excessive logging with more intelligent and/or granular control



Include Correct Cause in Alert for Script-Based Monitor with Assertion

Support 2-Way Client SSL Certificates

CA App Synthetic Monitor Contact Management Improvement




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