What you may have missed (January 2016)

Blog Post created by MelissaPotvin Employee on Feb 22, 2016

Time to play community catch up!  In case you haven't been able to stop by; this blog series is here to help you get all up-to-speed on the latest community happenings:



Community Member Spotlight for January: Amy Feldman

An Unofficial Postgres-APM Release List (Updated)

Tech Specs: New Features Coming with the 2016.1 Upgrade



MUST ATTEND EVENT!  February 25 - InformationWeek DevOps Virtual Summit ->

March 8 - Community Webcast "Error Detection" -->

March 15 --> See Demo Mobile App Analytics -->

May 10 - Community Webcast "Docker" -->

May 11 - 12  EMEA CA EM DevXchange -->



Webcast Recap - Smart Instrumentation and Entry Point Detection

January 2016 - APM Community Webcast - Smart Instrumentation and Entry Point Detectio

Webcast Replay: Accelerate IoT and Mobile App Development with CA Mobile App Services [Jan. 26th]

On Demand Viewing of more events available on the Partner Portal



High Noon for Current APM, 1: What’s wrong with this picture?

High Noon for Current APM, 2: Meet the Personas.

High Noon for Current APM, 3: Going EPIC - Democratizing APM

2015: An EPIC year for CA APM

APM Blog: Why Problems and Outages are Blessings in Disguise

CA APM Developer - What's New!

Differential Analysis Revealed

How to build a continuous application optimisation cycle by employing your favourite APM solution? – Part 1 of 2



New/Updated/Retired APM, ASM, and Executive Insight KBs for December 2015

Does APM TIM Support SHA2?

Update on MTP 10.3/10.4 and APM TIM 10.x Compatibility

Browser Agent Typeviewer

APM Tech Tip: TIM Trace Options -- The Missing Pages Part 2

Tech Tip: Export metrics to CSV for APM Capacity manager



Using the APM PowerPack for Oracle (Oracle PP) with the Oracle JDBC OCI driver & TNSNames Alias Syntax



Trace Data

Support for running Introscope_Workstation.exe with arguments

"Agent host name" and "Agent name" parameter in SNMP notification action

Web Service Operation to getErrors from JVMs, Frontends, etc.

Support for PHP Virtual Hosts

APM agent -> node.js 4.2.x support

Format of Analysis Graph

APM should support "Oracle Forms and Reports"

Add more Tomcat monitoring out of the box

Able to change "setsockopt" on EM (MoM) for growing TCP receive window over WAN architecture

PHP Agent support for Windows

ATC Historical Search for data maps

Enhance ADA Connector

Update APM SOI Connector to support HA



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