What you may have missed (March 2016)

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General Availability Announcement for CA Application Performance Management, CA Introscope and CA Introscope to CA APM Upgrade r10.2


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CA APM 10 Upgrade Content



April 26, 2016 --> What's New in APM 10.2 - Taming your Complex Application Environments -->

May 10, 2016 --> DOCKER:  Learn how to configure a Java and a node.js agent in Docker containers and how to monitor your Docker environment with CA APM  -->


NEW BLOGS  (Thank you tirar01, gerha02, JMertinl, Amy.Feldman, PoetryFan, zalpe02, DerekStevens2)

Introduction to Real time Big Data processing architectures - Lambda, Kappa and Zeta

How I Blew Up my First APM Cluster

Installing the TIM inside a Docker container

Blog: The Case of the Failed APM Administrator Turnover

This customer is increasing sales and improving customer experience with CA APM!

Understanding Differential Analysis in APM 10

What's New in CA APM 10.2

Designing APM with users

What's New in CA Mobile App Analytics 16.1



Updated/Retired APM, ASM, & Exec Insight KDs for February 2016

New APM, ASM KDs for February 2016

Top 20 APM/ASM KDs for February 2016

APM Tech Tip -- The Missing Manual Part 1: TIM Analysis, Monitoring, and Other Tools

CEM Permissions

Updates on MTP-APM Compatibility



APM Knowledge Articles: Feedback Appreciated



March 2016 - APM Community Webcast - Error Detection

Understanding Differential Analysis (mp4 enclosed)



Idea Generation: PHP and Web Server Monitoring seems neglected for different reasons

Remove hard-coded client receive buffer size in EMs to facilitate WAN architecture

Alert Downtime Scheduler - Revamp

Monitoring Mobilink Server SAP Product through CA Application Performance Management

APM agent should be supported on Power PC with RHEL 64bit urgently

Central configuration menu to configure the Outgoing SMTP Server

Socket Backend calls, or extrange calls not identified by Introscope

Shared read-only Current Status page for dashboard usage

[APM] support Summary Alerts for metric-based alerts

finding top 5 highest memory using classes and methods invoked on a given JVM

Dedicated Metric Reference in Wiki

Ability to set timezone in WebView to GMT/UTC

Add command line workstation functionality to allow the listing of alerts to include which actions are linked

Support URL Grouping: POST Parameters

APM should scale CPU cores during runtime without any restart of Introscope agent

Write OPMS installation logs to a /logs directory, not a /temp directory.

Support for Oracle RAC name formatting


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