What you may have missed (June 2016)

Blog Post created by MelissaPotvin Employee on Jul 7, 2016

One thing about the APM community that makes it stand out from the other product communities is the dedication all internal CA teams have made to a blogging campaign. The blogs being published over these past few months really are some great reads and I encourage all members to enjoy them, hopefully learn from them and then share with colleagues and friends. You can 'like' them too (everyone likes 'likes' plus this is how we know you care... ).   You can find all blogs here:  CA APM Blogs


New Blogs --- thank you -->Guenter_Grossberger  Hallett_German SrikantN  Florian_Cheval JMertin PoetryFan

CA Technologies Announces APM 10.3

Alert Spamming or How to Protect your APM 10

Life Choice: Scarcity or Abundance?

Be The DevOps Champion with CA APM and Jenkins

Should I use APM Command Center or not?

TIM Deployment Failures and the Rebirth of a Documentation Classic

How to ease CEM deployment with help of the application developers


Upcoming Events

July 12 --> What's New in CA Application Performance Management 10.3

July 14 --> Webcast: Using Analytics to Deliver Flawless Digital Experiences



General Availability for CA APM Upgrade r10.3

Knowledge Documents updated for APM 10.3


Need to Upgrade to APM 10 --> bookmark this document -->


KB's / Tech Tips

APM/ASM Top 20 Knowledge Documents for May 2016

APM Tech Tip -- The Missing Manual Part 4: Tim Monitoring 3 (Miscellaneous)

Update on MTP-TIM Compatibility KDs


New Ideas  - cast your vote up.. or down

Broken Link Checker

[WebView] search should find results that contain(!) the search string

No Wily agent for SiteMinder on z/Linux Server. Requesting to develop Wily agent for SiteMinder for z/Linux server.

SPM SOAP Faults should follow Standard Error Processing

Ability to set Trace Agent Settings

MoM HA - snmp action enhancement

Define Message text for the snmp notify in Introscope Enterprise Manager 9.7

Time frame selection in Webveiw interface

[WebView] agent quick search for applying console lenses

Update CA Cloud Monitor Recorder

Create an uninstaller for ASM OPMS

Enhancement Request ASM Scheduling

Dashboards should look the same in both Workstation and Webview

EM/TESS process should delete the old/unnecessary table partitions automatically from the apmdb

Allow JMX configuration changes in java agent without managed application restart


New Videos

How to install the API Performance Monitoring Integration


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